10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bria Jones

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bria Jones

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Bria Jones

When Bria Jones first began using social media, she thought she was just sharing some fun stuff on her blog. She thought she was just sharing hair tips, fashion opinions, and other things. However, she quickly learned that her opinion matters. Her blog began to take off. Her social media began to take off. Now she’s a famous TikTok star, she’s got a huge Instagram following, and her blog is famous. She’s living her best life right now, and the world should know more about her.

1. She is a Blogger

Her first claim to fame is the fact that she runs her own successful blog. She calls it “Hey Bria Jones,” and she’s excited to share what she loves the most. She often shares beauty, fashion, and other fun things that bring her joy. She wants to share the joy she feels in those things with the world, because she wants to make sure everyone finds that kind of happiness.

2. She is Passionate

Her passion is abundant. She loves to do things that allow her to become the best of the best, and she also likes to share her passions with others so they can do the same. She wants to make sure she is doing her part to help other people become their own best self, and it’s a life she’s working diligently to live daily.

3. She’s a Founder

Her passion for blogging and being a woman who helps people become their best self has also led her into the world of entrepreneurship. She’s created a company called Media Mixer, and as the founder, she’s working hard to bring people together. Her main goal is to allow creative business owners to connect with other like-minded individuals to help one another grow and thrive.

4. She is All About Connection

Connection is the root of her happiness. She loves to make connections with people and to bring them together. She finds things in people that others might miss, but she doesn’t miss a thing. She recognizes talent and success when she sees it, and she finds herself doing things that bring her happiness anytime she has a chance.

5. She is Encouraging

Encouragement is a way of life for this young woman. She is doing what she can to be sure her life is lived through encouragement for both herself and for others. She loves to talk to people and help them see their own potential, their great ideas, and what makes them unique. She doesn’t break people down with negativity. She only builds them up through encouragement.

6. She is Young

Bria Jones is still so young, and we love it. She’s made this business work for herself. She’s made a life for herself, a name, and she’s founded a brand that is thriving, and she’s not even 30. She was born on November 3, 1993. In fact, she won’t even turn 30 for more than a year.

7. She Left the Corporate World

She had a job in the corporate world before her blog and her TikTok account took off. She left her job to focus full-time on her creative side gig, and now she’s earning more money than she ever imagined being possible. She’s doing big things, and it’s allowed her to amass the kind of freedom many only dream of.

8. She is Married

She is a married woman. Her husband is Andrew Nesbit, and they’ve been together for quite some time. They are a darling couple, and they appear quite happy with one another. They appear to really enjoy the time that they spend together, and there is nothing more important.

9. She Tries to Keep her life Private

She does share so much of her life with the world, but she is also a fan of keeping some things to herself. No one can live a public life with every aspect of their personal life out there for the world to see and feel happy about it. She does what she can to protect the privacy of herself and her husband, and she does a good job of it.

10. She’s a Texan

If you are thinking that she must live in some big city such as New York or LA, you’d be mistaken. She does live in a big city. She lives in Dallas, Texas, and she is happy there. Dallas has really come up in the world over the course of the past few years as a hub for fashion, design, and style, and she is part of the reason why.

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