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“Bob’s Burgers” has grown to be our favorite restaurant owners and family that are composed of The Belchers, and if we’re being honest Teddy too. “Bob’s Burgers” has been on the air since 2011 and the show’s current season of 12 still has episodes premiering Sunday nights on Fox, along with “Family Guy” and the rest of the Sunday night Fox animated programming. Another programming during this time is “The Simpsons”, America’s first and possibly most important animated family released their first feature film much later into the show’s career compared to what “Bob’s Burgers” plans to do. Fans of “Family Guy” probably expected a feature film earlier than “Bob’s Burgers” but I’m sure when it comes Seth MacFarlane will have the perfect concept and script to make it worth it in every way possible. Below, we’ve gone into details on the newly released trailer for “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” trailer and what exactly it could mean for the future of the show, and even the differences that could be possible in the movie without staple character Jimmy Pesto.

News of the Bob’s Burgers Movie

Fox originally announced “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” to be released July 17th, 2020 but due to COVID, various delays have hit the movie as the date has changed for hopefully the final time and the movie is now expected May 27th, 2022. In related “Bob’s Burgers” content, the animated sitcom created a COVID-related short video. Following the several release date changes, “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” has not only received its final release date but the movie is officially expected to be released on Memorial Day making it perfect for you to enjoy a “Bob’s Burgers” movie with friends or family and a burger. While it may have come after several delays, “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” has been highly-anticipated for quite some time and the delays have more than likely only increased the hype behind the first feature film of “Bob’s Burgers” set of characters. Overall, outside of the newly released trailer, there has been no information regarding the plot of the movie, but knowing the constant guest appearances throughout the seasons of “Bob’s Burgers” it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see some new and returning guests.

The First Official Bob’s Burgers Movie Trailer

As stated above, we have heard several dates over the last few years regarding the movie, but now that we have what can only be expected to be the last date as it is fast approaching and a trailer with an official date. “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” trailer, as most movie versions of televisions shows do, showed an increase in graphic budget and style. The original style of everyone’s favorite “Bob’s Burgers” characters are still present in their renowned forms but have just been given an updated animation style and shading, along with some other slight but noticeable changes that made the animation much more appealing. Besides the animation, little else is known about the movie outside of what we saw from the trailer, which included Linda in a so-called “sexy burger costume” in which she transformed Gene’s burger costume into her own creation. Something else notable that appeared in the trailer for “The Bob’s Burgers Movie” was Tina riding horses in the most magical, and unmagical, way possible. Previously we’ve seen Tina attempt to ride a horse but this appeared to be a much bigger experience in the trailer.

The Bob’s Burger’s Movie Without Jimmy Pesto

Recently, Jay Johnston, voice actor for Bob’s archenemy and neighbor Jimmy Pesto was fired due to his involvement involving the Capitol Building riots from January 2021. Within a very short amount of time after it was known that Jay Johnston was involved that he was fired from the show. As stated in our initial coverage of the subject, the show was smart for removing the voice actor for Jimmy Pesto over the incident to separate themselves from the situation as much as possible. With the firing of Jimmy Pesto’s actor prior to the movie being released, it’s hard not to imagine that they had to edit the film to some extent as it would be hard to believe the movie was made without a regular making some sort of appearance. However, with him being removed from the show its’s only right that any part that the actor contributed to the project be scrapped. Overall, regardless of if Jimmy Pesto would be in the film or not, as hard to believe as that could be that he wouldn’t at least be intended to be in the film, should be a jam-packed comedy from beginning to end.

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