Who Conor McGregor Can Play In A Comic Book Movie

If you’re a fan of mixed martial arts, you must know the name of the notorious Irish king, Conor McGregor. Love him or hate him, he has got to be the biggest name in the sport and is always guaranteed to bring in the dough for the UFC. Although he has recently hit a slope with a broken left ankle after his trilogy bout with Dustin Poirier, you can’t deny what the man has accomplished during his MMA career. Will he make a comeback? His injury is killer scary, especially since we already saw something similar earlier in the year with Chris Weidman. However, given what he has done throughout his UFC run, I have a feeling he can come back strong. Even if he doesn’t become a champion again, he probably still has a few good fights left in him. So let’s just imagine for a minute what will happen after Conor McGregor leaves the UFC. Yes, that is bound to happen sooner or later. The man has amassed a gargantuan fortune to secure the future of his wife and children and that’s all that matters to him. Oh, and let’s not forget that his Proper12 whiskey business has become incredibly successful. I mean, the guy came to a UFC event in Abu Dabi in his own personal yacht. Money, power, and sauce, that is the Conor McGregor way. What exactly is the sauce? Doesn’t matter, because the guy is a good rags-to-riches story.

Personally, I admire the striking ability of Conor McGregor and what he has accomplished in the sport. As a fan, I can admit that he’s likely past his prime. Hey, I hope he proves me wrong, because I love watching him fight. If he retires from MMA next year, I have an idea on what he can do afterwards. My first thought was boxing. We’ve seen MMA legends like Anderson Silva and Tito Ortiz transition over to the sport, and they know how to draw in the viewers. You should also consider that in boxing, he won’t have to worry about kicking anybody. That’s a good thing for him, but who knows? The man is an absolute savage, but I can still see him calling it quits in the near-future. So boxing is one option. That’s where the foundation of his fighting style comes from and he’s a total master at it. There’s a high probability he’ll have at least one boxing match, but he’s got to do something else beyond that. You can say that he’ll devote himself to his whiskey business, but that’s not Conor McGregor. The Conor McGregor we all know and love is the man who thrives in the public spotlight. Whether he’s showing up to press conference in the most colorful and flamboyant clothes or just spewing out trash talk in his outrageous Irish accent, the notorious is a giant wherever he goes.

Well, if he can’t be a giant in boxing, I bet all of you a pot of gold and a lucky penny that Conor McGregor can do something in the movies. Is he much of an actor? Maybe not, but he honestly doesn’t have to be. Just like a UFC event, having Conor McGregor appear in a movie is sure to catch the attention of MMA fans. We’ve seen other former MMA powerhouses do well in movies and television, even though the WWE stars tend to stick with it more. No biggie, because I think Conor McGregor can do well in a comic book movie. Wait, Conor McGregor as a superhero?! Okay, maybe not that far, but he can do something similar MMA legend, Georges St. Pierre. For all of you Marvel fans out there, you all know full well that GSP played minor Captain America villain Batroc the Leaper. He made his first appearance in Captain America: The Winter Soldier in 2014 and reprised his role in the Falcon and the Winter Soldier series on Disney+ earlier this year. For the record, I don’t think his character is dead. Yeah, we saw him get shot, but where was the body? When it comes to comic books and movies, anything can happen. I hope to see GSP return for Batroc the Leaper, but I think Conor McGregor can do just as well in a Marvel movie.

So who exactly can he play? For starters, it has to be an Irish character. Just like George St.Pierre played a French character, it’s imperative that Conor McGregor plays an Irish character. And if you’re wondering on how many Irish comic book characters there are, believe me, they exist. These Irish comic book characters don’t come in great numbers, but the few that do exist should be debuted in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The ones I have in mind are a villain and a hero that would suit Conor McGregor quite well. The first is a superhero from Ireland named Jack O’Lantern. No, he’s not a Halloween-themed character, but guess where jack-o-lanterns come from? The great land of Ireland. Now this is a hero who exist in the DC Universe and is lesser-known, so this is far less likely for Conor McGregor. However, this hero is the son of a poor Irish farmer and became a member of the Global Guardians. This is an international league of superheroes, so it’s a great way to bring in more diversity in comic book movies. Now let’s go back to Conor McGregor joining the MCU. Just like the great GSP played a villain, the notorious can do the same by playing Irish mutant Black Tom Cassidy. If you’ve seen Deadpool 2, you’ll know this character by name, but his role in that movie was small. Having the character debut in the MCU should give him the chance to really be developed. But why have Conor McGregor play this character? Well, aside from the fact that he’s Irish, Black Tom Cassidy is a villain.

His mutant powers include manipulating and projecting energy through plants. His most offensive ability is unleashing concussive energy blasts through his shillelagh. In case you’re wondering, that’s a wooden walking stick that has played a role in Irish folklore. Yes, this character is a true Irishman. The point is, I think Conor McGregor would thrive off playing this character, given the fact that it’s a villain role. This would give him the chance to shout all kinds of villainous antics in his trademark Irish accent. I can just imagine it in my head and seeing him do all the Conor McGregor things, except as a Marvel supervillain. Boy, that would make for a fun movie. Oh, and it should be noted that Black Tom Cassidy is the cousin of X-Man Banshee. Can you imagine Conor McGregor fighting the X-Men? Just stick with the comics and have him partner with his usual partner-in-crime, the Juggernaut, and you got yourself two awesome antagonists. Marvel, please consider this.

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