Why Honor Among Thieves Is Visiting Dungeons & Dragons’ Scariest Area

Why Honor Among Thieves Is Visiting Dungeons & Dragons’ Scariest Area

The trailer of Dungeons and Dragons: Honor Among Thieves came in hot with several hidden references and D&D trivia manners. After watching the trailer, it is not a secret that the movie will involve everything from mindflayers and rings, to manticores and runes. According to the directors, the idea of the film was to make something with the essence of D&D lore to satisfy game fans and simultaneously make it interesting for newcomers. As such, Dungeons And Dragons: Honor Among Thieves is home to multiple intriguing locations from the game, one of which is The Underdark — a notorious underground world with multiple evil races and monsters.

In an interview with IGN, film director Jonathan Goldstein confirmed that the D&D team in the movie heads down to The Underdark in search of a magical item. While the deathly interpretation of the Underdark excited action lovers, it also made D&D fanatics wonder what new doors Underdark can open for the Dungeons And Dragons franchise as a whole. Is it paving the way to a new tabletop character debut? Or is it making an improbable hint at a war between humans and Drows (an evil Underdark race)? Let’s take a look at what Underdark brings with itself in Honor Among Thieves and other D&D upcoming projects. 

Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves Will Be Visiting The Underdark

The underdark in Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves

From the trailer’s look, it is easy to say that the Honor Among Thieves will be visiting the scary Underdark. While going through the trailer, you can see the party enter an orifice and a scary glimpse of darkness and fire in an underground-like space. Plenty of references to the Underdark Monsters and places confirm it. Underdark is a subterranean world deep down from the surface inhabited by a race of dark elves titled “Drow.” The only portal to the world is through underground tunnels in the Forgotten Realms, making it even scarier. 

In the trailer of Honor Among Thieves, you can see a scene with a city similar to the Underdark. Besides the glimpse of the city, you can also witness a red dragon in the trailer that looks just like Underdark’s famous monster. The chubby appearance of this fire-breathing dragon confirms that it is the “Thumberchaut” from the Underdark. The dragon is bound to guard the places and areas captured by Duergar. So, there’s a higher probability that the movie will feature this Underdark native subrace of evil dwarves.

What The Underdark Could Mean For Honor Among Thieves’ PartyD&D party staring at something in honor among thieves trailer

There’s a higher possibility that the Underdark appearance may lay off the fundamental bases of guest appearances of tabletop’s iconic characters. The Honor Among Thieves could likely make room for the debut of the infamous Drizzt Do’Urden (leader of the D&D). Drizzt was from the race of dark elves that went rogue to Drow’s traditions and returned to the surface. 

About a year ago, Derek Kolstad was contacted by the franchise to write a live action D&D TV show. Therefore, Drizzt’s cameo isn’t a far-off possibility after all. Even a partial appearance of the Underdark would be enough to set up the cameo of the fan-favorite D&D hero in Honor Among Thieves. As a matter of fact, Underdark’s appearance in Honor Among Thieves may lead up to the appearance of Drizzt in his own D&D project. 

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