Five Awesome “What The Hell Did I just Watch?” Movies

Some movies make a person sit there in utter silence until the credits start to roll and one asks ‘What the hell did I just watch?’. It’s okay, you can admit that it’s happened to you since it’s something that a lot of directors strive for, especially considering that it’s that wow factor that a lot of them are wanting to produce. In some instances, the wow factor isn’t really needed or desired since the movie just needs to roll forward without being given too much thought. But then again, some movies still produce this effect simply because the audience wasn’t fully expecting what was to come. That element of surprise exists in a lot of movies, but the best among them are those that manage to hide it away until the reveal is needed and the audience is comfortable thinking that they know what’s coming and that they’ll be able to predict the next few scenes. It’s typical since a lot of directors actively seek to follow a formula that’s been in place for a long time, despite the fact that allows many people to accurately predict what’s about to happen. But when you have to stop and ask yourself the question above, one can assume that the movie is awesome enough to make a person wonder, or is just that bad.

Here are a few awesome movies that made us wonder what we’d just seen.

5. Lucy

A lot of people are torn between calling this a good movie and calling it utter garbage since the content is something that one can’t help but wonder at when it comes to the veracity of the story and the science that may or may not exist behind it. In essence, the story is sound, but to be fair, thinking that there’s a wonder drug out there at any time that could possibly change human anatomy and make it possible to access more of our potential is kind of terrifying but also laughable to many people that would likely state that it’s just not possible. But the whole idea is that with the right circumstances, anything is possible. Working from that premise this movie is rather well done.

4. Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

The person that came up with this idea had to be huffing something seriously potent or just possess an imagination that spikes well past the norm for humans at times since the content was beyond strange. But that’s one thing that helped to make it such a great movie considering that it was out there and it didn’t follow pretty much any rules that could be ascribed to the laws of physics or pretty much anything else for that matter. It was a science fantasy free for all that was there to entertain the audience and give them another perspective when it came to understanding just how the world we know came to be.

3. From Dusk Till Dawn

For all intents and purposes, this felt like a very different movie until the vampires made themselves known. It might as well have been a crime thriller until Salma Hayek’s character morphed into her vampiric form and attacked Richie, who was kind of an oddball character to start with. From there it kind of went downhill, but it still had plenty of moments in which George Clooney and Harvey Keitel were allowed to shine. But overall this was the kind of movie that’s best to watch when a person is drunk or just wants a mindless action movie that doesn’t require a lot of belief as to what can and can’t happen.

2. Donnie Darko

Donnie Darko really felt like a movie that was trying to be highly intelligent, but in the end, it came off as kind of a splash of cold water to the viewer since everything that had been happening throughout the movie was undone with one scene that put a final cap on a tale that had otherwise been rocking on the rails the entire time. In terms of how good or bad it was, it’s really up to the individual to say for certain, but from a very technical perspective it does feel as though it was an interesting and intriguing movie, but there was something there that’s hard to put your finger on when it comes to just how effective it was at whatever it was trying to do.

1. Kung Fu Hustle

If a person was hoping for this to be a serious and heartwarming story then they were likely disappointed, but from an action standpoint, it was pure awesome and surely made a lot of people keep watching while getting a few good laughs in here and there. Stephen Chow definitely went for broke when it came to the effects and was likely quite aware that he wasn’t making a serious, boots on the ground martial arts movie. But what he did give us was pretty interesting.

A good movie can make you wonder what you’re watching in the best of ways.

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