Documentary Review: Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation

Documentary Review: Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation
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credit: Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation

It’s been said more than once that evil takes a lot of forms, but sometimes it chooses an appearance that can fool people in the most efficient but diabolical of ways. Without going into too much detail, the story of Albert Fish is one of those that a lot of people probably don’t know. After learning a little more about it, thanks to this documentary, it’s fair to say that some folks would never want to know just how evil a person can be. So many individuals are convinced that they’ve heard the worst stories, been around the worst people and that there are no surprises left to be had any longer, but too many of these individuals dig just deep enough to be shocked and titillated by what they find without ever going deeper to see what truly vile secrets some human beings hide. From Ed Gein to Ted Bundy and everything in between, there are killers and sadists aplenty to capture the attention of those who enjoy the morbid tales that are recounted when the lives of the most disturbed individuals are retold, but Albert Fish is one of those that is by far and large one of the most disturbing. 

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credit: Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation

The fact that he lived the kind of life that many would classify as normal only makes the guy worse. 

He was married, he had kids, and his wife left him at one point, which would cause a lot of people to sympathize with him, right? Somehow this monster in human form managed to make a lot of people feel that he was a man who loved his family, which he did apparently, and wasn’t worth looking into as anything other than an individual who was doing the best he could for his children. But the proclivities that he became known for before and after his death were horrifying enough to make a person wonder if there had to be something else to this character that made him so insanely evil since the kind of acts that he visited upon others had to be driven by some other, diabolical force working through him, right? It’s only after asking such a question that one can recall the many atrocities that humans inflict upon each other that this question becomes a little easier to answer. Since the first human beings set foot on this earth, the unfortunate truth is that we’ve been given the capacity to do wonderful or horrible things to each other, and sadly, some choose the latter. The fact that individuals such as Fish are able to hide their darker side so well is terrifying. 

How he kept everything straight and tucked away is amazing in a horrifying way. 

The fact that he was able to hide his secrets so well when he traveled and interacted with so many people is amazing since, even in the world before technology, it was bound to happen that he might run into someone he knew from another state from time to time. Keeping one’s identity hidden isn’t impossible, even today, but trying to deal with multiple identities in various states feels like it would be a serious strain on someone’s sense of self, not to mention their emotional well-being. Of course, seeing as how we’re talking about a man that had no qualms about harming others and even resorted to eating his victims, it’s not too hard to think that he would be able to keep a few very important secrets. 

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credit: Albert Fish: In Sin He Found Salvation

It’s fair to think that some folks might feel ill while watching this documentary. 

The consumption of human flesh and the description of how it was done is a bit much for the emotional stability and the stomach of many who might seek to learn more about Fish. Listening to how he cooked his victims was a bit dodgy, and it’s recommended to avoid eating before watching this documentary just for the sake of your carpet. Seriously, it does get descriptive, and despite the fact that what is shown in the documentary are all props, one could find it a little disturbing simply because of the narration and how it’s performed. 

To think that Albert sought salvation through his acts of depravity might be enough to make some folks question religion. 

As susceptible as some individuals are to what they see on TV and in the movies, it stands to reason that because of Albert’s serious lack of mental stability and his desire to cling to religion to explain his behavior, some folks might cock an eyebrow at religion. This is one of those times when religion is not to blame; however, since Fish’s mental state deteriorated over the years, and the lines between his sins and his justifications had blurred so horribly that he no longer had a solid grip on reality. 

Still, the sight and the description used in this documentary are enough to give a person chills. 

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