Why Dawson’s Creek Is a Surprise Hit With Gen Z

Why Dawson’s Creek Is a Surprise Hit With Gen Z
Why Dawson’s Creek Is a Surprise Hit With Gen Z

Dawson’s Creek is considered to be one of the most successful teen drama shows ever and a 90s hit benchmark. Kevin Williamson created the show, debuted on The WB in 1998, and ran until 2003 with a total of 128 episodes. The series, albeit a show for teenagers, dealt with serious issues. A few include mental health problems, divorce, homophobia, and the death of loved ones.

The tight-knit friend group consists of Joey, Dawson, Pacey, and Jen, who live in the fictional town of Capeside, Massachusetts. The well-spoken characters had to deal with the general confusions of high school, like love triangles and the ups and downs of real friendship. The series follows the characters from high school to college, even highlighting all the difficulties growing up can pose and the shattering as well as the fulfillment of dreams.

The 90s Vibes Make Gen Z nostalgic

Dawson's Creek

The cinematography, rural, small-town life by a creek, and the nostalgia evoking 90s vibes all contribute to the newfound success of Gen Z viewership. In fact, the show is still so successful to date that the cast gets regularly asked if they would consider doing a reboot. It’s been over 20 years since the last episode aired!

Unfortunately, a reboot is highly unlikely since the main cast often voices that they have no interest in reviving their roles. Joshua Jackson (who plays Pacey Witter) has joked recently that he’s too old to revive Dawson’s Creek. Katie Holmes and James Van Der Beek have also shared that they’d probably not be in a reboot. So, that’s two major cast members who definitely aren’t onboard.


The Show is Available on Streaming for the First Time

Why Dawson’s Creek Is a Surprise Hit With Gen Z

Dawson’s Creek was available for streaming on Netflix for the past two years. Nowadays the show can be watched on Amazon Prime, Hulu, Max, and Apple TV. As such, the demand can be held up. Even more, fans can watch the show on several streaming services.

Besides the original fans who watch the show simply due to old-time’s sake. It’s clear that the series has garnered a considerable amount of new, younger viewers. So, the show is available for people who are seeing Dawson’s Creek for the very first time. Parrot Analytics has found that Dawson’s Creek has almost 6x the audience demand of the average US show. This is impressive, considering that this teen drama is more than two decades old.

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