Our Top Five Favorite Farmers in Movies

There are a great number of farmers in movies, and not all of them are of the same variety as one another. For instance not all farmers grow corn, not all of of them are even in the same film genre, and most of them have very different problems that they face each and every day as a matter of survival. The more mundane are often those we find on earth while others are those that are found in galaxies far, far away. Sometimes the greatest farmers are those that you wouldn’t even expect much from.

Here are a few just to show you the real diversity in farming.

5. Ray Kinsella – Field of Dreams

Ray is a simple man that wants to do well and lead a simple life. When he starts hearing voices in his cornfield though he begins a trek down a road to discovery that he never thought was possible. In fact it’s fair to say that he might even think he’s going a bit nutty like everyone else seems to think. But when the pieces of the greater puzzle start settling together he begins to realize that what he’s been called upon to do is something far greater than he could have ever imagined.

4. Willow Ufgood – Willow

A lot of times farmers are simple people that don’t aspire to great things. They just want the world they live in to recognize what they can do in order to lead a happier, more fulfilling existence. Willow Ufgood is a good man, a loving husband, and a good father. To care for a child that is not his own or even his own kind shows that he is the type of soul that is meant for greatness even if he doesn’t seem to think that such a thing is possible at most times.

3. John Book – Witness

Technically John isn’t a farmer, but in order to blend in and protect his witness to a brutal crime he must act the part. Coming from a city in which farming is not the common way of life and trying to ply one’s trade as a carpenter while learning how to live among a new and very different community can’t be easy. But unfortunately this is proven when Book comes to the defense of one of the Amish in the film that have come to accept him and thereby alerts the corrupt cops to his presence.

2. Dottie Henson and Kit Keller – A League of Their Own

Kit wants off the farm, Dottie just wants a simple life spent in service to it. Like any good big sister though she recognizes the wanderlust in her sibling and agrees to sign up to go play baseball for a chance at greatness. Eventually though Dottie pines for the simple life back home while Kit finds it hard to step out of the shadow of her big sister who is honestly her superior in almost every way. Once again though, Dottie makes a sacrifice for her sibling by dropping the ball and allowing Kit to move forward.

1. Luke Skywalker – Star Wars: A New Hope

See? Farmers come from many different venues. Moisture farming might not sound like an exciting thing and it’s not, but when you live on a desert world it’s vastly important. Luke Skywalker has been one of people’s favorite characters for decades despite the fact that he’s known for being a legendary Jedi and not a moisture farmer. But keep in mind, everyone had to get their start somewhere.

Farming is an industry that can span across many genres and throughout many films. It’s not all corn and cows you know.


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