Will there be a Bob’s Burgers Movie?

Will there be a Bob’s Burgers Movie?

There’s always that one film you enjoyed so much and wouldn’t mind seeing a reboot or even a movie about it. When the Simpsons movie got released in 2007, fans were ecstatic. It is no secret that the Simpsons is a revered and well-loved animated series and for a good reason. It has been around for a long time and appeals to every audience. The same goes for the animated film, Bob’s Burgers. The creators of the show decided to give their fans what they need. However, various circumstances have, along the way, delayed the release of this movie. So with all the blocks in its way, will there ever be a Bob’s Burgers movie, or will it merely remain something that had the fans excited for nothing? This article gives you all the information you need to know regarding the Bob’s Burgers movie. Read on.

A Quick Recap Of The Bob’s Burgers Series

Bob’s Burgers is an animated series that follows the lives of the Belcher family. The Belchers own and run a hamburger restaurant in the unofficial fictional town called Seymour’s Bay. The show was created by Loren Bouchard. The Belcher family consists of Bob, Gene, Tina, Louise, and Linda Belcher. The series plotline revolves around the family’s escapades and how they interact with their customers and the town’s residents. According to Wikipedia, the Belcher family was initially created as cannibals.

However, production decided to move away from that approach to create room for the family setting. Critics look at the film as a predecessor to the hilarious ‘King of the Hill’ series. Bob’s Burgers debuted on January 9, 2011, on Fox. On December 1, that same year, Fox ordered a full season consisting of 13 episodes. In the ten seasons that the series has been around for, critics have had mixed reviews regarding it. The first season wasn’t favorable to the audience. However, by the time the second season rolled in, the reviews and scores had increased. Some critics have stated that the show is tasteless in its comedic approach as compared to the famous ‘Family Guy.’ Others feel it’s a fresh twist to the whole family comedic scene, with some terming it as being wickedly funny.

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie

In October 2017, Fox announced that a movie based on their hit animated series Bob’s Burgers was in development. In the announcement, the film was set to be released on July 17, 2020. The show’s creator Loren Bouchard assured fans that the movie would answer all their questions regarding the Belcher family. Some of the plotlines that would get addressed in the issue, according to Bouchard, include Louise Belcher’s pink bunny ears. Additionally, there would be a subplot involving Louise and Kuchi Kopi, her night light, as they dive inside a fantasy world. In July 2018, Bouchard stated that the script had already been submitted for development. John Roberts, who voices Linda Belcher, however, said that there were delays to the movie and that fans would have to wait a little longer.

So will there Still be a Bob’s Burgers Movie?

The movie has had some delays due to various issues regarding development and the crisis that is currently ongoing. This, however, doesn’t mean that the Bob’s Burgers movie is never happening. One of the reasons for the delay is that the series got accidentally pulled from Disney’s release schedule. According to Comic Book, Disney had announced that there would be a reshuffle of the movies set to be released. The announcement was in line with the merger between Disney and 20th Century Fox. One of the films that got accidentally pulled out of schedule was Bob’s Burgers: The Movie.

The news was, however, clarified by Disney as they quickly explained that there was an error in the listings and that Bob’s Burgers: The Movie would still get released on July 17, 2020. While this offered relief to the eagerly awaiting fans, they got hit with another nine-month delay announcement. The Coronavirus pandemic, which has hit the world, has forced Disney to make further adjustments to its release schedule. One of the movies that have been pushed forward is Bob’s Burgers: The Movie. Instead of the initial release date of July 17, 2020, the film is set to be released on April 9, 2021.

The Cast and Characters

Bob’s Burgers: The Movie will feature all the characters that fans are familiar with from the series. According to Screen Rant, the cast is set to reprise their roles with Jon H Benjamin reprising his role as Bob Belcher. Dan Mintz voices Tina Belcher, and John Roberts is Linda Belcher, while Eugene Nirman and Kristen Schaal voice Gene and Louise Belcher, respectively. Aside from the main family, the recurring characters are also set to return with Larry Murphy voicing Teddy. This is especially some good news because teddy is a big part of the story.

According to Entertainment Weekly, Loren Bouchard stated that the production was aware of the apparent gender imbalance in the cast, and they were willing to work on that issue. Kristen Schaal, who voices the troublemaking Louise Belcher is the only female in the main cast. Bouchard added that the team was working on improving and balancing out the issue. There are, however, various female recurring characters, such as the Pesto twins voiced by Laura and Sarah Silverman. The Pesto twins are also expected to appear in the Bob’s Burgers movie.


The show creator Loren Bouchard confirmed that the movie would be a musical. In the original Bob’s Burgers series, the characters occasionally sing and dance. The series plays into the comedic, artistic aspect, and the movie itself promises even more of that goodness.


Successful TV shows most times get turned into movies. Hit series such as The Simpsons made an excellent movie that pleased fans. Bob’s Burgers is one of the best animated comedy series on television today, and it is difficult to imagine the film not being as good as the show itself.

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