10 Things You Didn’t Know about Austin Dillon

Austin Dillon has been an important part of the NASCAR community for several years. Now, however, he’s switching gears and taking a step into the world of reality TV. Austin is the star of an upcoming reality TV series called Austin Dillon’s Life in the Fast Lane which is set to premiere on USA on June 23rd. The show follows Austin, his wife, and two of their close friends as they go through daily life both on and off the track. Only time will tell if the show ends up being a hit, but there is already a growing number of people who are looking forward to seeing what the series has to offer. Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about Austin Dillon.

1. He’s a North Carolina Native

Austin was born and raised in North Carolina and he still lives there. As a result, it goes without saying that he really loves where he’s from. However, just because he’s lived in the same state his entire life doesn’t mean that he hasn’t gotten the chance to explore other parts of the country and the rest of the world.

2. He has Some Acting Experience

Austin’s success in the racing world has also allowed him to have some cool opportunities outside of it. While it’s true that he isn’t a formally trained actor, he has made a few acting appearances over the years. Some of his acting credits include the TV shows SEAL Team and Rosewood.

3. He’s An Entrepreneur

When it’s all said and done, Austin’s legacy is going to consist of much more than his racing career. Austin is the kind of guy who is all about his business. In addition to being the co-owner of a sports management agency called Team Dillon Management, Austin also started a clothing line called 30lfpack Apparel.

4. He’s a Family Man

Trying to build a successful career in a competitive sport can be very time-consuming, but Austin hasn’t let that take away from other areas of his life. In 2017, he married a former NFL cheerleader named Whitney. The couple welcomed their son, Ace, in 2020. Austin loves spending time with his family whenever he can.

5. He Has a Trading Card Collection

In an Instagram post, Austin revealed that he has quite the trading card collection and it includes cards from multiple sports. In addition to being fun to collect, trading cards can also become very valuable over time. We weren’t able to find any details on how long he’s been collecting.

6. He Enjoys the Outdoors

Austin is a North Carolina boy through and through and spending time outdoors is a big part of the culture in the area. Austin loves to get outside whenever he gets the chance and he enjoys doing things like going hunting, fishing, off-roading, and hanging out by the water.

7. He Takes His Values Very Seriously

Austin has gotten dozens of accolades for his driving skills, but what means even more to him is the kind of person he is. In an interview with Jeff Gluck, Austin said, “I think the biggest compliment you could get is (about) the person you are. Like you know, you’re a good person. Where your morals are: “Man you get it, you understand it.” That’s a good compliment to me.”

8. He’s A Lil Wayne Fan

Austin has always been a big hip-hop fan. When asked who the best rapper alive is, he told Jeff Gluck, “My era is Lil Wayne. I remember riding with one of my friends to go snowboarding every Thursday up in Boone and we would listen to Da Drought, we’d listen to that mix (tape) all the way down every day. We memorized all the lines, and it was pretty witty. I always loved that.”

9. He Comes from A Racing Family

Austin’s decision to become a professional driver probably isn’t too surprising to those who know his background. He is the grandson of the legendary Richard Childress who is probably one of the best-known drivers of his generation. Even though there is a lot of pressure on Austin to live up to his grandfather’s legacy, the competitor in him has always welcomed the challenge.

10. He’s A Brand Ambassador

Austin’s popularity in NASCAR has also led to him having a significant social media following. Once a person builds a large following online, they become an attractive partner for businesses that are looking to advertise their products/services. Austin has already gotten some partnership deals and there will probably be more on the way thanks to his show.

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