10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amber Laign

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Amber Laign

Amber Laign is not a household name, but she’s a recognizable personality. She’s a massage therapist and a businesswoman. She’s successful, happy, and living her best life, and she also happens to have celebrated a milestone anniversary with her partner recently. Her partner is, however, a very big household name. Amber Laign has been dating ABC’s “Good Morning America,” co-host Robin Roberts since 2005, and that’s why people know who she is. It’s time to learn as much as we can about the girlfriend of one of television’s most famous personalities.

1. She’s a Business Owner

Laign is not just a massage therapist as a career choice. She also co-founded her own company. It’s called Plant Juice Oils, and it keeps her busy. She spends ample time focused on her business, which is something that Robin Roberts also does. They have that in common, which is a good mix for both.

2. She is Supportive

Robin Roberts once told Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show that Amber Laign is the most supportive person in her life. She supports everything Roberts does, she takes the time to listen and care about her partner, and she is there for her every step of the way. It’s a sweet thing to say, and it says a lot about the kind of character she has.

3. She is Very Low-Key

Amber Laign is not a very out-there kind of woman. She prefers to live her life very low-key and private. She and Roberts reside in Connecticut, where they have a beautiful home they sometimes show snippets of during their social media posts. They love to hang out at home, have quiet nights, and have private time, and that’s just how they low-key love to live.

4. She Met Roberts on a Blind Date

The couple met on a blind date when mutual friends thought they should meet. They set it up, the future couple hit it off, and that’s the story. The year was 2005, and they’ve been together for more than 16 years now. It’s a cute love story, and it is one that they both enjoy.

5. She Did Not Know Roberts

Prior to meeting her future partner, Amber Laign did not know who Robin Roberts was. She had no idea who the up-and-coming television personality was, and that was probably something that worked out for both of them. They were both unfamiliar with one another, which allowed them to spend time getting to know one another in a very casual way.

6. She Kept Her Relationship Very Private

For nearly 8 years of their relationship, Roberts and Laign did not address their romance. Why? We don’t know specifically, but they apparently both agreed that they would not address things with the world until they were ready. It was 2013 before Roberts decided she was ready to come out to the world.

7. They Both Tried to Cancel Their Blind Date

What is so cute about their romance is that neither one of them really wanted to meet the other. They both had this date for drinks set up, and they both tried to cancel it. Not only did both of these ladies try to cancel their blind date – they both tried to cancel two times. They really did not want to go on that date, yet they made it on the date, and that was history for them both.

8. Their Relationship Has Not Always Been Easy

They were together only around two years when Roberts was diagnosed with cancer. It was a long, heartbreaking, horrible time for both, but they remained stronger than ever during this time. It was years later when Roberts suffered another horrible health issue that required a bone marrow transplant and a lengthy recovery time, and Laign remained just as positive, just as helpful, just as supportive, and just as present as she was in the past. While they went through difficult times, they have made it work and they always come out stronger than ever.

9. She’s a Happy Woman

While she might not share much about her life, she is clearly a very happy woman. The few times that Roberts speaks of her or makes a public statement about Laign, she is always stating that Laign is positive, upbeat, happy, and wonderful. She’s clearly a very happy woman, and her happiness radiates unto others.

10. They Are A Sweet Couple

Together, these two are very private. But, they are occasionally very good about sharing photos and stories, talking about their romance, and appearing together in public. They make it very clear that they are just happy, in love, and in a good place, and they are very, very sweet.Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show

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