Five Times Blake Lively Reminded Us Nothing is More Important Than Family

Five Times Blake Lively Reminded Us Nothing is More Important Than Family
Five Times Blake Lively Reminded Us Nothing is More Important Than Family

Credit: @blakelively

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are the kind of couple everyone loves. They maintain their privacy despite being two of Hollywood’s most beautiful, most famous, and most amazing stars. The world wants to know everything about them, but they keep their lives private. They joke around with one another. They are not afraid to use their sarcasm and wit when discussing one another and their life with the press, and they make it clear they love their three girls. They also have a baby on the way, and they’re ready to join people like me as a family of six. They’re some of the most famous people in the world, but they make it clear their priority is their family. Here’s everything they do that makes it clear it’s family first for Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are Normalizing the Concept of a Large Family

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are doing something amazing. They’re welcoming their fourth baby soon, but more so than that, they are normalizing the idea of a large family. Large families are everywhere, but it seems many fail to realize it. I have a large family. My husband and I also have four kids, and the world loves to comment on it. “You must have your hands full,” no more so than anyone else with kids. “Wow! You wanted four kids?” No, we wanted three, but we were blessed with twins the last time.

Normalizing large families is what Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds are doing with their fourth baby on the way, and we cannot help but love this. Full hearts, full houses, so much fun. Family vacations are a dream with four. Christmas morning is chaotic and amazing. Dinners are full and loud, and entertaining. Large families bring a lot of love and fun to the table, and we love everything they are doing to normalize the fact that large families thrive.

They Love the Little Moments as Much as Anyone Else

It’s easy to assume that dressing up like a fairytale fashion goddess on the red carpet and being glamorous and married to the most famous man around is a dream come true. Sure, it is. But it’s not those things that Blake Lively loves the most. It’s the normal moments at home with her daughters, pregnancy, and husband. For Lively, it’s being present with her kids, making Thanksgiving crafts, and celebrating the season that’s most important. The little moments are the big moments, really.

Five Times Blake Lively Reminded Us Nothing is More Important Than Family

Credit: @blakelively

Blake Lively is Every Mom During the Holidays

She’s an avid baker, and it shows. During the holidays, those of us who love to bake turn our kitchens into a mess of baked goods. There is just something magical about being in the kitchen during the holidays baking something amazing. She turned her kitchen into pie-central over the course of Thanksgiving, and her decorating skills are absolutely on par. There are a million things to do during the holiday season with four kids, a husband, a career, a home, and extended families you love so much, but baking takes the cake. Pun absolutely intended.

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Know Parenting Changes You

Never in life have I ever felt more confident than I do in my role as a mom. It might be the only aspect of my life in which I feel absolutely confident all the time, but that’s because it’s my job to protect my kids, and my confidence does not waver in that. Blake Lively feels the same, and she summarized this feeling so eloquently. “Once I had children, that just became even more profound because my time was even more precious, but also I think having children for me made me feel so much more in my skin. I never felt more myself or at ease in my own body or more confident – not to say that there aren’t a bevy of insecurities coming at me a million times a day, but I just feel incredibly settled.”

Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds Know Being a Good Parent Means Having a Life

There are always shamers. “You’re traveling without the kids for a weekend away?” “Date night without the kids?” “Oh, the kids are with grandma and grandpa?” And let me just say, first and foremost, it’s a gift when the kids would rather be with grandma and grandpa because how much love is that in their lives? Second, having kids, being married, being happy and settled and confident, and raising good kids means showing them that you also have a life. The Lively-Reynolds family knows this. It’s entirely possible – and necessary – to be an excellent parent and also have your own life outside of the kids.

Five Times Blake Lively Reminded Us Nothing is More Important Than Family

Credit: @blakelively

“I want to be as present of a mother as humanly possible, and I want them to feel my presence, but I also think the best way to be the best mother is to show them that you can have a life and have a passion and have an identity outside of just being a mother,” said Blake Lively in an interview. She’s not wrong, either. There’s so much good in kids seeing their mom and dad reading books and having date night and having such a passion for their hobbies and careers and one another. It’s what helps raise well-rounded kids.

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