10 Things You Didn’t Know about Puja Mohindra

Puja Mohindra is a face everyone recognizes. First and foremost, her natural beauty captivates you. However, it’s her talent that keeps you hooked. She’s a talented actress with so much to offer, and she’s bringing her A-game every time she’s on television, whether she’s starring in a hit primetime series or she is doing something else, she’s doing it well. Here is what we know about her.

1. She is a College Graduate

One thing we can say about this young woman is that she is nothing short of absolutely intelligent. She is a graduate of the prestigious Northwestern University. She has a degree from the university that allowed her to show off her educational skills and her intelligence, and she knew then that she still wasn’t done learning even when she accepted her diploma.

2. She’s a Former Theater Student

She left with her degree from Northwestern University and immediately went on to further her education. She attended the American Conservatory Theater program where she obtained her MFA and enrolled in the acting program. It’s a huge deal.

3. She’s Had all the Amazing Guest Roles

If you want to know why she’s so familiar, perhaps it is because you’ve seen her on television a dozen times in all of the best shows on primetime. She’s been featured in guest appearances on shows such as Empire, CSI: Miami, Chicago Fire, and even daytime television roles in the famous All my Children (that’s where Kelly Ripa gained her own fame).

4. She’s a Leading Lady

She’s had some major roles in some major shows. She was a recurring cast member in the hit show Lincoln Lawyer, as well as Dr. Heather Singh on the Chicago series. She was part of the Chicago Med show, but she also had appearances on the other Chicago shows, since they are sister shows and often do appearances with different actors and actresses on all of three series.

5. She Studied at UCLA

As if her degrees from both Northwestern and the American Conservatory Theater were not impressive enough, she went on to study even more at UCLA. She was part of the Professional Screenwriting Program at the California university, and it’s been a major blessing to her to learn what she did there. She’s employed her skills from that course in her work more than a few times, and her talent shines.

6. She is a Voice Actress

To add a little more credit to her resume, she’s also a voice actress. She’s lent her voice to voice-over roles, which is not always the easiest thing to do. It takes a lot of focus and determination to make a voice-over role work for you, and she’s done it well.

7. She is a Model

She’s done some modeling. She might not consider herself a famous supermodel by any means, but she is lovely, she is talented, and she’s had plenty of her own modeling work to get her through. She is good at anything that puts her around a camera, it appears.

8. She is Many Things

If you want to discuss her talent further, you should understand that she is not just a model and an actress. She is also a writer, she is a producer, and she is doing all the things to further her own career. She’s launched a web series of her own. It’s called “Geeta’s Guide to Moving On,” and it was recognized in both 2016 and 2017 by the New York Television Festival as well as the Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival. She’s done a lot.

9. She is Young

What we love about her is that she doesn’t discuss her date of birth, so no one knows just how old she is. We have a feeling she is rather young, and we have seen some reports that the Los Angeles native was born in 1992, which means she’s either just turned 30 or will turn 30 before 2022 is over. Either way, she looks great so we wouldn’t be surprised if she’s even younger than that.

10. She’s Keeping a Lot to Herself

She’s funny, she’s talented, and she’s always in the spotlight, but she’s not sharing too much. In fact, she has a chance to share more every single day, and she chooses not to. Her personal life is just too important to her. She prefers to keep as much as she can to herself, and that is her prerogative. She is good at giving us just enough.

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