13 Celebrities Who Survived Cancel Culture

13 Celebrities Who Survived Cancel Culture


The internet is advancing, and trolling is making its progress. Thus, this has led to the rise of public figures getting “canceled” online. Cancel culture has become a norm on social media for most celebrities. Consequently, this means that the stars get turned against and ostracized by a large number of people. In most cases, it happens when someone does something that others disagree with. It then leads to the celebrity getting backlash on sites such as Instagram and Tiktok. It also leads to the loss of followers. Sometimes people will cancel stars for valid reasons such as breaking the law. But in other cases it can be out of the pettiest of reasons and it turns out to be unfair. We’re not here to judge who is which but here’s a list of celebrities who survived cancel culture despite what they’ve been accused of:

1. Ellen DeGeneres

She has received love over the decades. But the opinion the public has about Ellen DeGeneres is leaning towards the negative. People have accused her of having a different personality behind the camera. One of her security personnel described her as one of the coldest celebs he ever worked with. Later, The Ellen DeGeneres Show crew described the work environment as toxic.

2. Lea Michelle

Well-known for her lead role in the TV series Glee, actress Lea Michelle shared a tweet in support of Black Lives Matter (May 2020). Her fellow co-star on Glee, Sammie Ware, had to call her out for her actions in the past. Sammie revealed that Michelle’s actions towards her made her question her Hollywood career.

3. David Dobrik

As a YouTube Star, David Dobrik got his cancellation in March 2021. His videos feature a recurring group of friends referred to as the “Vlog Squad.” A woman claims that Durte Dom, a Vlog Squad member, had raped her while she was drunk. Due to these allegations, Dobrik lost almost all sponsorships and a good number of his subscribers. He received even more backlash when he posted on his channel an “apology” video. When his career began to sink further, and he began losing the sponsorships, he posted a longer apology video on his channel. Saturday Night Live even made skits mocking how pathetic the videos were.

4. J.K. Rowling

J.K. Rowling, being a billionaire, does not have the strength to fight the cancel culture. The best-seller author was accused of being transphobic due to a post she made on Twitter. Rupert Grint and Emma Watson expressed their disagreement with Rowling about her sentiments. She went further to affirm her opinion on Twitter when she mocked transgender people in a news headline.

5. Shane Dawson

In 2020, Shane Dawson created racist videos on his YouTube channel. In many of the videos, he wore Blackface. As a well-known YouTuber and among the first people to rise to fame in the YouTube world, his disturbing jokes cost him a lot. He lost a good number of his subscribers, Target withdrew his book, and stores removed his Morphe makeup.

6. Vanessa Hudgens

The festival’s cancellation did not amuse Vanessa Hudgens due to the pandemic as a big Coachella fan. On her Instagram Live, the actress was quoted saying people would still get the virus and die. Even without the festival. She went on to apologize, but people quickly canceled her. Her apology did not convince people.

7. Jimmy Fallon

Seen as the most diplomatic TV host at this time, Jimmy Fallon got canceled in 2020. He wore a Blackface while imitating Chris Rock in 2000. Fallon made an apology and said there were no excuses for his terrible decision. He received additional comments and opinions to his post.

8. Doja Cat

Doja Cat has on several occasions been accused of being racist. People also noted racist expressions in one of her songs. There were videos of Doja engaging in racist chat spaces, which led to the hashtag #dojacatisoverparty. In May 2020, she reminded people that she was also a black woman. She insisted that she was never involved in racist conversations.

9. Lana Del Rey

When accused of not empowering women in her music, Lana Del Rey did not take that while lying down. She defended herself on Instagram and said that several other female artists like Cardi B, Doja Cat, and Beyoncé didn’t empower women. People were not impressed that she tried to throw other musicians under the bus. She was called racist since most of the musicians mentioned were black, but she denied the claims. The hashtag #lanadelreycist got trending, and the people canceled her.

10. Sebastian Stan

Sebastian Stan’s girlfriend caused him to get canceled. She had posted a photo of herself and a friend dressed as geishas and captioned it “Asian Night.” When Sebastian commented on the photo, people got upset because he did not mention it was a cultural appropriation. When people started posting about the photo, he began to block them. Soon enough, a hashtag #sebastianstanisoverparty was created.

11. Morgan Wallen

People canceled the country star due to his racist comments. A video of Morgan Wallen emerged on social media as he casually tossed around some racial slur. Due to this, his record label suspended him, and he became ineligible for ACMA (American Country Music Awards). He was also removed from all the major country radio stations. After the incident, he posted a video on YouTube on the plans he had on educating himself. In the video, he also made a statement on the controversy.

12. Bryce Hall

The 21-year old TikTok star got canceled in 2020 when he broke Covid-19 rules at his house during a party. Bryce Hall threw his birthday party at his rented mansion, which forced authorities to switch off power. Other celebrities who got canceled due to flouting the Covid rules include Jake Paul and James Charles.

13. SSSniperwolf

SSSniperwolf is a popular streamer and YouTuber who was canceled in 2020. The cancellation was after old videos of her using racist and transphobic language were found. Her outraged fans temporarily turned against her. However, she did not lose many of her fans and has remained popular.

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