10 Things You Don’t Know About Idina Menzel

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Idina Menzel is a powerhouse. She’s one of Broadway’s most famous, talented actresses, but that’s not why many recognize her name. She’s Elsa. Yes, that Elsa. Elsa from Frozen, the Disney movie you know, forward and back thanks to your kids. You know all the words to all her songs (and the ones sung by Kristen Bell, too). She’s the woman with the most beautiful voice, and she does nothing but uses that voice for good. Menzel is starring in the 2022 hit movie Disenchanted, a Disney movie about, well, you know. She’s a star, and fans want to know everything about Idina Menzel.

1. How Old is Idina Menzel?

Perhaps you might sit down for a moment. Idina Menzel’s age is going to shock you. She is 51. Yes, that’s right; this beautiful woman is 51, yet she doesn’t look a day over 30. Menzel was born on May 30, 1971. She was born in Manhattan, but she lived in New Jersey. However, her family moved to Long Island when she was a toddler.

2. Wasn’t She Married to a Famous Actor?

Idina Menzel was married to a famous actor. His name is Taye Diggs, and they met in the 90s. he was starring in Rent alongside Menzel on Broadway, and they hit it off. The couple married in 2003. They became parents for the first time in 2009 when they welcomed their son. Unfortunately, the couple divorced after ten years of marriage in 2013. They are committed to raising their son together, though.

Credit: @idinamenzel

3. She’s Remarried

Not long after she was divorced, she met a new man. His name is Aaron Lohr, and he’s also an actor. By 2015, they had purchased a home in California. They became engaged in 2016, and they got married in 2017. Unfortunately, they do not have any children together.

4. She Began Her Career Off-Broadway

The year was 1995, and Idina Menzel auditioned for a production called Rent. She landed a role in the musical and began performing in it Off-Broadway in 1996. However, the show was so successful that it was soon moved to Broadway. Within a year of becoming a Broadway actress, she earned her first Tony Nomination for Best Featured Actress in a Musical. Unfortunately, she did not win, but she was only beginning.

5. She Was a Wedding Singer

She’s got the most beautiful voice in the world, but everyone has to get their start somewhere. She was 15. Her parents were newly divorced, and she earned her way by singing at weddings and birthday parties. She was talented but needed a paycheck, so she continued to sing at parties and events throughout her entire college career.

6. She Went to the Best School

One school stands out above the rest if you want to study the arts. That school is the New York University Tisch School of the Arts. It isn’t easy to get into this school, but she could do it. Idina Menzel graduated with a degree in drama back in the early 90s.

7. Idina Menzel Won Her First Tony in 2000

It was her second Tony nomination, but it was her first win. She won Best Actress in a Musical for her role in Wicked. She was nominated again in 2006 for her role in If/Then, but she did not win. She’s also been nominated for things like Teen Choice Awards and many more, and she took home more than a few of those for her role in shows such as Glee and her performance in movies such as Frozen (both movies).

Credit: @idinamenzel

8. She’s Doing All Right

She’s not a major motion picture star like other actresses who have been in the game as long as she has, but that’s because she’s a stage performer. You cannot take someone this talented off of Broadway for long. She’s too good. However, Idina Menzel has made her rounds, starred in the biggest movie ever – Frozen – and has an impressive net worth of $16 million as of 2022. She’s doing all right.

9. She and Taye Diggs Have a Good Relationship

Despite their divorce, they are good with one another. Taye Diggs recently said that one of his favorite things is to talk about his ex with their son. He loves to share their memories of one another with their son, and it brings him a lot of joy. We appreciate that. They might not have lasted as a couple, but they did spend more than a decade married, more than that together, and they created a son together. They should share their happy memories with their son.

10. Taye Diggs is a Big Fan

Maybe they didn’t work as a couple, but her ex-husband admires her tremendously. He recently told Drew Barrymore, “I love that I was there at the beginning. She made history in that show (he was talking about Rent) and continues to make history with her singing and whatnot, and to know that it was right there, I love sharing that with my son. Like, ‘Daddy was there when mommy first when the world first listened to her.’ So that’s cool as well,” he said of his ex-wife and meeting her while they both starred in the hit show Rent.

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