Top 10 Best Ashlee Simpson Songs

Top 10 Best Ashlee Simpson Songs
Top 10 Best Ashlee Simpson Songs

Ashlee Simpson released her most recent album, Bittersweet World, in 2008. After that, she showed her many skills by acting in TV shows, films, and the musical Chicago. She’s also been busy in her personal life, getting married to Evan Ross in 2014 and having their first child in 2015. Even with a packed schedule, she continued making music and was in a reality TV show withRoss, releasing songs together.

Her personal life changed a lot too. She had a son with her first husband, Pete Wentz, but they separated. Later, she fell for Evan Ross, and they tied the knot. They now have two children. Besides, she began dabbling in interior design and returned to the stage to perform a classic song with Demi Lovato. Throughout these times, she maintained a good bond with her former husband, Pete, and they collaborate in raising their children.

“Pieces of Me”

The song that got Ashlee Simpson really famous is “Pieces of Me”. Some might not consider it her top song, but it’s safe to say it’s good. The song came out in 2004 and catches the feel of those days, but it still stands the test of time. It’s a cool mix of pop and rock, so it’s super catchy.

“Pieces of Me” was a hit, climbing to number 1 in pop and number 5 in all songs. We don’t see songs doing that well these days, and that’s sad. But this song was Ashlee Simpson’s big hello to everyone.


When you start listening to “Boyfriend”, the song grabs you with its energy. This song is the first one on her album I Am Me and has a cool pop-punk feel. It got to number 19 on the Hot 100 list, but lots of people think it should have been higher because it was a big deal in pop culture.

When “Boyfriend” was released, rumors spread that it was about Lindsay Lohan and Wilmer Valderrama. But Simpson discredited the rumor and stated that the song wasn’t about any particular person. However, in a 2018 interview, she did say that the pair inspired the part of the song where she says, “I didn’t steal your boyfriend.”


Ashlee Simpson has produced numerous amazing songs. One of her best is “Boys”, a lively tune from 2008 that’s easy to enjoy. The track, with its vibrant ’80s style, stands out as it proudly proclaims, “I get what I want, and I know what I need.” “Boys” is definitely one of Simpson’s top creations.

Ashlee Simpson’s songs not only sound great, but they also highlight Simpson’s personal struggle between wanting to show her worth and staying away from negative vibes. While the song is a highlight, Ashlee Simpson has a discography filled with exceptional music. In all, her music is worth exploring for any fan of pop music.


Ashlee Simpson’s songs, including “L.O.V.E.”, often leave fans thinking they deserved more attention. This particular song reached 22nd and 20th positions on the Billboard Hot 100 and Mainstream Pop charts, respectively. Even though it made it into the top 40, it’s hard not to feel that this fiery, encouraging song should have been a key hit in 2005. The song stands out for its catchy spelling of the word “love,” a popular trend in pop music at the time.

The song’s chorus, which spells out “love,” drew comparisons to Gwen Stefani, who was known for spelling in her songs. However, this led to Simpson being constantly compared to other artists like Hilary Duff, Avril Lavigne, or even her own sister. People tried to label her by diminishing her individuality. Despite following the popular sound of the era, the song has a vibe and energy that’s uniquely Simpson’s. 


In her early music career, Ashlee Simpson teamed up with John Shanks and Kara DioGuardi to create her first two albums. This strong team made pop songs that became popular hits. John Shanks even received a Grammy for his work, including his contribution to Simpson’s album “Autobiography” and songs by other famous artists. One of the standout songs from this period was “Undiscovered”.

“Undiscovered” is a special song for Simpson. It was not just a track in her 2004 album but also the title of her 2005 movie, and the song played during its most exciting part. The song helped bring her first album to a meaningful end. Altogether, Simpson used her unique voice to express deep feelings of desire and doubt. This song really shows off her skills as a singer, songwriter, and performer.

“No Time For Tears”

Ashlee Simpson’s song “No Time For Tears” is like a cool mix of different sounds. It has a pop-rock vibe but also brings in some electronic and hip-hop beats. The song has a lot of energy and gets you pumped. It’s like Simpson is saying, “Hey, no crying allowed here! Let’s be strong and have fun.”

“No Time For Tears” is from her album called Bittersweet World, which came out in 2008. Simpson and Chad Hugo made the song together. The song is part of the pop/rock genre but also has styles like teen pop and adult contemporary. It’s a song that makes you feel powerful, free, and ready for a girls’ night out. It’s also got a lot of different feelings in it, like being passionate, looking for something, being bold, and wanting more. The song is 3 minutes and 37 seconds of pure energy.

“Dancing Alone”

Ashlee Simpson’s song “Dancing Alone” is a tribute to those who are single and like to be on their own. The song talks about how she prepares for a date but doesn’t let being alone dampen her spirits, even if it takes time to find true love. The melody of the song has a touch of country music, but it also has a rhythm that makes you want to dance. The song pulls influences from new-age music and vibes of the 1980s, so it doesn’t feel old or stuck in the year 2005. “Dancing Alone” is a song that will never get old and always makes you feel good about yourself.”

Dancing Alone is a timeless powerhouse of a song that carries an infectious sense of self-belief. It’s a song that doesn’t lose its charm or become less enjoyable as time passes by. This is because it doesn’t sound overly 2005, but instead, it takes cues from new-age music and 80s styles.

The track has an interesting mix of elements that make it unique – a country-style melody and a beat that urges you to dance. Ashlee Simpson uses the song to show that she’s not bothered by being single and actually enjoys her own company. She dresses up for a date, but she doesn’t let the delay in finding true love get her down. Instead, she keeps having fun on her own.

“Better Off”

If you hear “Better Off” and another song by Ashlee Simpson, “Pieces of Me”, you’ll see they start in the same way. This kind of start is common in many pop-rock songs from the early 2000s. It’s a strong song that lasts only three and a half minutes. Altogether, it talks about things that many people feel, and it’s fun to move to. 2004 it was so liked that it could have been used in movie trailers.

“Better Off” is a love song that people don’t talk about enough. The words of the song say that thinking of someone you love can make you feel better, no matter what else is happening. It talks about being happy in love, so much so that nothing else seems important. Simpson sings really well in this song, showing how good she is. Lots of people connect with this song, and if you like Ashlee Simpson, you’re sure to love it.

“Say Goodbye”

Ashlee Simpson’s second music collection, “I Am Me”, was inspired by the sounds of the 1980s, and this gives the album a unique feel. The album starts with a rock vibe but then mixes it up with lively songs. “Say Goodbye” stirs up emotions similar to the end of a classic John Hughes movie. “Say Goodbye” is like a blend of an 80s school dance song and a touching tune about a friendly breakup. This song is truly a complex and beautiful work of art.

“Rule Breaker”

After making two popular rock-pop albums that reached the top spot, Ashlee Simpson decided to change her style. Around 2008, the music scene was changing, with artists like Lady Gaga, Katy Perry, and Kesha starting to make waves. Ashlee’s album, Bittersweet World, shows how she adapted to these changes by introducing more electronic sounds and heavy beats. This new style was thanks to the work of producers Timbaland, Chad Hugo, and Kenna.

There were great songs that didn’t make it to the final album like “I’m Out” and “Can’t Have It All”. But one of the best examples of Simpson blending her old style with her new image is the song “Rule Breaker”. This song plays on the idea that Simpson was the rebellious one compared to her sister Jessica, who was seen as a good girl. In “Rule Breaker”, she sings about waking up late in the afternoon and partying until she feels sick. This song became a party anthem even before Kesha’s song about brushing her teeth with whiskey came out.

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