Pretty Little Liars 3.11 Review – The Stage Has Been Set For The BetrAyal…

Pretty Little Liars 3.11 Review – The Stage Has Been Set For The BetrAyal…

Pretty Little LiarsDamn, Pretty Little Liars! The episode dropped a load of information on us last night that I’m highly apprehensive about next week’s “BetrAyal” episode, which is going to own you until October.

So there were plenty of “Shut Your Mouth!” moments during the night to the point that I nearly lost count. But the one that stuck out the most was the huge Paige reveal, which gives her a more concrete reason to put Alison out of her misery. If Paige isn’t A, or on the A-Team, then she has to be Maya’s killer. Maybe Maya found out about the prank letter Alison sent Paige, or Paige simply didn’t want another obstacle getting in the way of her love for Emily. Either way, I told you Paige was not to be trusted and I hope next week’s Pretty Little Liars summer finale will further solidify that the lunatic needs a room beside Mona at the asylum.

Plus, can we give Spencer a clap and a half for reminding Emily that Paige did try to kill her once. I say a clap and a half, because Paige is the latest person Spencer has obsessively pegged as the new person to take down for killing Alison. A few weeks ago, Spencer was championing Emily and Paige’s relationship and now the girl is public enemy number one. While I had Paige pegged as cray-cray from day one, Spencer is only looking for another target to focus her need to put this ‘A’ business down for good.

Then there is Nate, who got a bit too damn comfortable after that one kiss with Emily. Plus, when he said Emily was just like Maya, did it seem as if he implied that he and Emily were more than cousins, or is that my own sick and twisted mind over analyzing dialogue again? Plus, what did Nate mean by insinuating Jenna saw him one night while she was playing blind? It couldn’t have been when she was driving Emily around, because, well, she was driving. And could Jenna have possibly been talking about Nate being the person Emily should second guess hanging around? She hightailed it out-of-town once Nate called her out for seeing him, which could mean Jenna might be a witness to a crime that Nate was a part of. Could Nate have killed his own cousin? Talk about a seriously jacked up twist… Plus, that knife that went missing could have been taken by Nate, who did have access to Maya’s bag for that split second while kissing Emily. I don’t want him to be the killer, but he’s looking just as suspect as Paige is at the moment.

While Emily was the focus of danger again last night, let’s discuss Spencer and that black mamba that was placed in the dressing room with her. Was it me or did anyone else thought the snake tagged Spencer a couple of times in that scene?! Kudos to Troian Bellisario for having the guts to do such a dangerous scene, because I would have screamed “stunt double!” as soon as the door was locked and they had a perfect shot of me and the snake in the same frame.

Finally, there is all the evidence against Paige that built up at the end of the episode. Pretty Little LiarsWhile my money was on Spencer finding that missing knife from the cabin that stabbed Hanna in Paige’s bag, I was still floored when the item turned out to be the other earring that Ali had in her casket. That’s creepy as hell and I wonder what Paige’s explanation will be for it being in her bag. And what’s up with her ignoring Spencer’s call? And that strange look she had on her face as Jenna was getting the hell out of dodge? Very telling of a psychotic person…

Even though the mystery of Paige was the main focal point of the night, Aria and Hanna had their own little side issues to worry about. Somehow the missing jump drive with the videos of the Liars was just found in the church by Pastor Ted, who turned it over to Ashley, freaking Hanna out in the process. Luckily (or unluckily), Ashley found a video of her and Det. Wilden having relations on the video, which put an end to her wanting to turn the clips in to the police as Ted suggested. While not wanting Ted to know of her past with Wilden is a practical reason to destroy the drive, I refuse to believe that Pastor Ted didn’t watch all of those videos. Something smells seriously fishy about that situation.

As for Aria’s little storyline, well all I can say is, “I will be damned. Ezra knocked up Alex Mack!” Larisa Oleynik, the title character of Nickelodeon’s The Secret World of Alex Mack, appeared on the episode as Maggie, Ezra’s ex-girlfriend, who he got pregnant and his mother paid to have an abortion. The real surprise here is that not only did Maggie look like she was doing well, but that she has a 7-yr-old son, who looked just like Ezra! Hopefully writers will keep the kid as Ezra’s and not some cop-out by saying Maggie became pregnant by someone else immediately afterwards (I’m looking at you The O.C.!). Wonder how long it will take for not only Aria to tell Ezra the secret, but how much damage it will do to their relationship as well.

Other Things of Note 

– CeCe needs to stay, because the girl is a much-needed breath of fresh air for Rosewood in general. I pray that she has no part in The A-Team mess and will remain a great mentor for the wayward Liars.

– If you think that Caleb and Hanna are in pain from not being able to be together in public, then my pain of not seeing them together in public tops theirs in abundance.

So are you Liars ready to be betrayed next week? I sure as hell am. What is your take on the latest Pretty Little Liars episode?

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