Will Rosie O’Donnell Play Steve Bannon on Saturday Night Live?

When Melissa McCarthy assumed the role of Sean Spicer on Saturday Night Live over the weekend, audiences went wild and absolutely loved it.  With Alec Baldwin already doing a great Donald Trump and Kate McKinnon taking on KellyAnne Conway, there’s one more member of the administration that SNL might be looking to target. That would be none other than Steve Bannon, the man apparently personally responsible for Trump’s travel ban that’s been such a critical issue in politics over the last few weeks.   Bannon’s been criticized for having too much power as well as trying to “destroy the establishment” with his Nationalistic views.  Audiences are asking for Rosie O’Donnell to step in for the part.

As you are aware, O’Donnell and President Trump have had a rocky relationship to say the least.  Let’s just say the two aren’t fond of one another.  According to TVline

In a series of tweets Monday night, O’Donnell appeared enthusiastic about the idea of popping up on SNL, insisting that she was “available” to serve alongside Alec Baldwin’s Donald Trump and McCarthy’s Spicer “if called” to appear on the late-night sketch program.

President Trump has yet to publicly comment about McCarthy’s appearance as Sean Spicer but rumor has it he wasn’t too pleased with the performance.  O’Donnell is definitely up for the job and I wouldn’t at all be surprised if SNL takes her up on this offer.  While we’re collectively waiting for the White House to officially take SNL off the air, it seems that the late night show is not backing down.  In fact, they continue to push the bar, as they always have.   We’ll let you know more as we hear the news…..

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