The Purge Franchise Leading to The Forever Purge and Beyond

The Purge franchise

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The Purge franchise premiered its first uniquely premised film in 2013, titled The Purge. For those unaware of the six-film deep franchise, The Purge franchise showcases the one night of the year when all crime is legal in an alternate political world, also titled The Purge. From the first film’s release in 2013, a new film was released every two years or so, but no less often than at least once every three years. The Purge films exclusively carried on The Purge franchise until after 2018’s The First Purge when, in the same year, The Purge television series premiered. Since The Purge series came and went, The Purge franchise has continued through one more film that was intended to be the last, 2021’s The Forever Purge, but recently frequent The Purge collaborator Jason Blum stated that a sixth The Purge was being written. Below, we’ve detailed The Purge franchise, from the movies before the series, The Purge series, 2021’s The Forever Purge, the untitled sixth film, and more of the franchise.

Rhys New Founding Fathers

Credit: The Purge

The Purge Franchise Before The Purge Series

As stated above, The Purge franchise started in 2013 when James DeMonaco created the first film, based on the idea of one free murder a year, after he and his wife survived a drunk driver accident. The Purge featured Ethan Hawke, among others, as a wealthy family trying to survive numerous attacks from outsiders during an annual Purge event. The premise of the twisted tradition was created by The New Founding Fathers of America when they instated the first Purge in 2014 to make all crime illegal for 12 hours, and by the year 2022 in the film, unemployment rates have been lowered to 1%, and crime the rest of the year has virtually disappeared. From the first film of a wealthy family protecting themselves to the sequel film, The Purge: Anarchy which showcased an entirely different family attempting to survive the annual murderous event while navigating The Purge from the streets and fighting paramilitaries and other violent groups. The third film in the franchise, The Purge: Election Year, was criticized for using the same tagline as Donald Trump during his 2020 election campaign, “Keep America Great,” and interestingly showcased an election to heat the tensions during The Purge that year, one that attempted to end The Purge. The final film before The Purge series was released, The First Purge, a prequel, showcased the events that led to the first annual Purge, as well as the very first Purge night itself, which was locked to just Staten Island, as a social experiment first.

Ethan Hawke Jason Blum

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The Purge Series

The now-canceled The Purge series continued The Purge franchise. They were set between the second and third The Purge films, The Purge: Anarchy and The Purge: Election Year, showcased a much more steady cast than the films but were a bit messy story that came more and more together each season progressed. Overall, each season of The Purge was different, as the first season was focused on Purge Night and followed different groups of characters per episode until the plot aligned them. The second season of The Purge on USA focused on events concluding with a Purge Night involving conspiracies, murder plots, and more uncovered. Unfortunately, the Purge series was canceled before the third season, but Ethan Hawke reprised his role from the first The Purge film in the series finale, “7:01 am”.

The Purge franchise

Credit: The Purge

The Forever Purge and Beyond

Following the cancelation of The Purge series, The Purge franchise continued with the fifth film, The Forever Purge, which depicted the New Founding Fathers of America re-elected and reinstated the annual Purge. Still, with Purge Night officially out of control, The New Founding Fathers of America disbanded and invoked martial law for the United States. At the same time, the entire country was split between seeing refuge in Mexico or Canada or staying in America and fighting off the most devastating Purge Night in the history of the dark event. The Forever Purge takes place further than any other, in 2048, and was intended to be the final film in the franchise, as the creator thought the film was an excellent way to end the franchise. However, Jason Blum, a constant collaborator of The Purge and horror mastermind, stated following the release of the fifth The Purge that he wished to keep creating more stories within that universe but would refuse to do so without approval from The Purge creator. James DeMonaco revealed, not long after the release of the fifth film, that the sixth was working and that he had a script leaning towards including Anarchy and Election Year character Leo Barnes.

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