Yes, We Would Like to See a Scarlet Witch Movie

Yes, We Would Like to See a Scarlet Witch Movie

Yes, We Would Like to See a Scarlet Witch Movie

It’s already a rumor, which means that it’s already rolling around the internet trying to gain speed. The idea of a Scarlet Witch movie doesn’t feel like it might just be a hope and a prayer, but it does feel like something that might take a bit of convincing when it comes to bringing it to the MCU. Black Widow has been given a movie, Captain Marvel has had her time to shine with a sequel on the way, so why not Wanda? She’s already had her own show with a revived version of Vision, and it’s fair to think that the all-white version of Vision, who was imbued with the actual Vision’s memories, could be a big part of this movie. Wanda has also proven that she’s an invaluable member of the Avengers, but she’s also one of the most dangerous considering what she did to the town of Westview. While she’s already going to show up in the next Doctor Strange movie, it would be sensible to give Wanda her own movie to resolve a few more issues in her life that have developed throughout the Avengers movies. 

Elizabeth Olsen appears to be up for it, but it helps to hear that Kevin Feige has even admitted that Wanda’s journey won’t end with the next Doctor Strange movie. That makes a great deal of sense considering that in the comics, the Scarlet Witch has undergone a great deal of change from her introductory phase up until this point. It’s not hard to admit that like many other characters, she’s undergone an evolution that has seen her powers change just a bit and even grow as the years have continued to roll forward. At one time she was thought to be kind of a weak character, but as time went on she became a little more important until it happened that her power became great enough that she was able to wipe out every mutant with a few simple words. 

There are a lot of characters in the Marvel universe that people are hoping to see represented at one point or another, but Wanda is one of those that has earned her spot since the character is interesting enough and Olsen has made it possible for people to like and connect with her in a big way. Out of all those that lost something during the Infinity Saga, her story is still one of the most tragic since not only did she lose Vision, but she had to be the one to facilitate his ending the first time as her power was used to destroy the Infinity Stone that powered his android body. It’s easy to be impressed when remembering that she was holding off Thanos at the time while destroying the gem. Of course, the Time Stone allowed Thanos to undo everything and take the stone anyway, but the feat of power that Wanda displayed at that time, and later on, has cemented her as one of the most powerful Avengers in the MCU as of now. Plus, keep in mind that her second round against Thanos could have ended very badly for the mad titan had he not thought to call in the artillery and blast everything in sight. 

So to be fair, the MCU has made it clear that Wanda is a seriously powerful character that has earned the notice of the fans, and has a story that’s not meant to be cut short. Whether she’ll get to meet up with Vision again is hard to say since there’s been no word on whether Paul Bettany has been invited back to the MCU or not. But leaving such a story unfinished feels like something that could irk fans if Wanda does end up getting her own movie. The MCU likely has other things to think about with so many projects coming up in the next few years, but Wanda’s tale could create a huge buzz since her status as an Avenger and the fact that she could play a huge role when the multiverse comes into play is more than enough to keep her around and to give her a more prominent role in the events to come. 

Using her just enough to keep people interested is bound to be a balancing act that needs to be viewed with a great deal of care since the fatigue that can come from seeing a character too often is very real. It might not appear that this has happened in other franchises, but this has more to do with how each character is portrayed, since if people enjoy the character then they won’t care if they see them so often. It’s a big hope that no one will get tired of Wanda any time soon since she has a massive amount of potential when it comes to the MCU.

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