Paul Bettany No Longer Has a Marvel Contract

At this point wondering about any character that’s come and gone in the MCU is kind of difficult since there’s so much coming up that trying to keep it all together and wrapped in a neat little package isn’t the easiest thing in the world. But with that being said, the fact that Paul Bettany doesn’t have a Marvel contract at this time might mean that we won’t get to see what happens to the Vision for a while to come since the white version of the android that made an appearance in WandaVision and fought the fictional, recreated version of the character was gifted the memories of the original, but then flew off without another word about where he’d gone or if there was going to be any use for him again. There have been a few Marvel characters that have just disappeared over the years such as the Abomination, Bullseye, who was seen in a post-credit scene in Daredevil, and a few others. It’s hard to think that with such a wealth of heroes and villain that Marvel would be reckless enough to let any of them go without proper closure, but if one thinks back to the comics, there were entire runs in which a character might not have been seen or heard from, and people eventually just let it go. Once the character did return, people were overjoyed to see them and expressed a great deal of gratitude that they were back. White Vision is bound to come back at some point, meaning that Bettany will undergo contract signing if he’s still interested, but for now, it would appear that the MCU is going to focus more on the shows and movies that are going to push the story forward rather than having to answer questions on where Vision has been and what’s going on with his character.

Considering how important some of the Marvel characters have been in the past it’s kind of amazing how some of them are being treated, but there is a reason to expect this since trying to bring s many people in as possible is going to take a while and unlike the comics, it’s not quite as easy to focus on all of them at the same time. One thing that can be said is that Vision’s initial death in Infinity War wasn’t any more or less gruesome than the fate that he suffered as the White Vision in the Infinity Gauntlet series since in the comics he had his wiring ripped out through his chest when he tried a second blitz attack against Thanos along with several others. Having the Soul gem ripped out of his head was pretty brutal, but at the same time, it created a great deal of emotional impact in the story. Even seeing Vision return in WandaVision was enough to do that since people were scratching their heads over how this could possibly happen given that when the Infinity Saga was over, Vision was still dead, and Wanda was still grieving. Up until we were given the whole story of how Wanda made her way to Westview and allowed her grief to consume her and the town, it was hard to figure out what was going on. But if there’s one thing to say about Wanda at this point it’s that she’s definitely OP in a very big way, but she’s also an emotional wreck, which means that she might be dangerous, but she’s also insanely easy to manipulate, as Agatha Harkness showed in the series.

As for White Vision, it’s hard to say what’s going to happen to him, if anything at this time. He definitely needs to come to grips with the memories and past that he’s been given by his original self, but until that happens it kind of feels that the MCU won’t have much need of Paul Bettany, which is a shame really since his initial start as Jarvis was a lot of fun in Iron Man, but his evolution into Vision was something that created another level that he easily excelled at. Bettany is one of the many actors that are extremely adaptable when it comes to their roles and if you don’t believe that then go and watch A Knight’s Tale in which he starred alongside the late Heath Ledger. Bettany played the role of Geoffrey Chaucer, an English poet who most English Lit students probably know well, and he did a pretty good job considering that the movie was a silly bit of revisionist history that was fun to watch but not exactly realistic. The point is that Bettany is the kind of guy that can be given a role and expected to make it great in his own way, so it’s fair to think that at one point White Vision might come back, and if the MCU is lucky, Paul will be able to take up the role again.

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