Yes, There Will be a Season 2 for Sandman

The character Dream in the Sandman stands surveying his the relm of the dreamwprld

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Stating that the confusion over the representation of the Sandman on Netflix and whether it would be given a second season has been settled, at least in part. The show will be getting a second season, but it also appears that those in charge have decided to give the reason why it took so long to give the second season the green light. The overall explanation is that it was necessary to take the time to discuss the best way to proceed and what the next season might deal with since the first season was focused upon a couple of important moments that were brought from the graphic novels. Season one took on the idea of how the titular character was captured, how he escaped, and a few other critical moments throughout the history of this character. Many fans of this series noticed plenty of Easter eggs, and now it’s easy to wonder how these will be incorporated into the second season or if they will at all. The relief many fans are likely feeling at this time is bound to be tempered by the ideas of what the second season will bring and how many ideas will be adapted straight from the original story. 

credit: The Sandman

Fans will know what might be coming, while others need to peruse the graphic novels

Plenty of those who have read the graphic novels will have some idea of what season two could be about. Still, those who have only watched the first season without reading the core material might at least want to go online and see what each novel is all about and how the story goes. This could lead to greater enjoyment of the series and a better understanding that could lead to far more even-handed reviews when all is said and done. Of course, it is understood that plenty of people who have read graphic novels will point out one or more moments that are not entirely accurate, as this is relatively common when watching a series or a movie adapted from a novel or a comic. But understanding how the story was penned in the first place can create a greater level of comprehension when watching the live-action representation, mainly when the source material is used and followed as closely as possible. 

There is a solid base to work from, thanks to season one

Some people might disagree simply because it was uncertain whether this show would receive a second season or because there were several changes from the graphic novel, as was needed in some instances. But the truth is that season one was well-received by quite a few of the fans, and it was a mild disappointment when a second season wasn’t given the okay before the season was over. Even though the first season started with the second volume and went on to try and incorporate as much material as possible, some folks thought it didn’t show enough or didn’t show it correctly. One thing that fans need to remember, and this has been said more than once and will continue to be repeated, is that the director of this series will do what is necessary to tell the story, which might mean making changes here and there to make the story flow in the manner that’s desired. If the next season follows the novels, people will likely expect the events of Dream Country and Endless Nights to help things continue. Of course, how long the show lasts will denote how many of the novels will be covered. 


credit: The Sandman

Many fans will no doubt wonder if various characters will return

Some characters won’t return, but depending on who is willing to return to reprise their roles, it does appear that several key characters will be returning to the Netflix series. Of course, given the way that Doll House ended, it’s fair to say that there will be plenty of characters who won’t be seen, but reading the subsequent two graphic novels might be an excellent way to make sure that expectations are kept in check just enough to make sure that fans of the show know what could be coming and what will hopefully happen during season 2. 

The reason behind the delayed renewal might confuse some fans

The desire to get things right and to make sure the story is worth telling sounds like flimsy reasons to delay the advancement of the second season, but they are rather important if one understands the need to be accurate when telling a story. Had the second season been given the green light right away and released without any regard to the accuracy of the story, fans would no doubt be far more vocal than they usually are, which means that while it is nerve-wracking at times, taking one’s time when creating a story is warranted to deliver quality entertainment. 

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