Jamie Lopez, Babydoll Beauty Couture Founder And Super Sized Salon Star Dies at 37

Nothing breaks our hearts more than losing someone who inspires and motivates us, especially at such a young age. Jamie Lopez, the star of WE tv’s Super Sized Salon and the founder of Babydoll Beauty Couture was only 37 when the staff of her salon announced her untimely death.

Credit: @official_jamielopez

“On behalf of the Babydoll Beauty Couture team, we regretfully announce, with great pain, the passing of The Founder & Owner of Babydoll Beauty Couture, The Legendary Jamie Lopez,” the team wrote in an Instagram statement on Monday.

How Jamie Lopez Died

We can’t even begin to describe the heartache that all her loved ones must feel right now, especially when everything in her life seemed to be going so well. It all started during the weekend when the iconic star was hospitalized in Las Vegas.

This happened because of a series of heart complications. Sources who were close to her told TMZ Monday, who then became the first to break the tragic news to the whole world.

Credit: @official_jamielopez

Who was The Beloved Jamie Lopez?

The sensation was simply an amazing soul. Jamie was the driving force behind Babydoll Beauty Couture. The salon became an instant hit because it catered to all the plus-sized women who have ever felt left out when they walked into the average salon.

It just showed that she was a victim of feeling out of place and she made it her mission to make sure that all plus-sized women found a place they called home. We all deserve that.

The most extraordinary part about Babydoll Beauty Couture was that Jamie designed the whole place while she was confined to her bed. She weighed about 846 lbs making her too heavy to get up and see the world. It’s still pretty damn amazing what she achieved in such confinement.

She opened the salon in 2017 and some cold-hearted people weren’t so happy about all the recognition she was getting. She, therefore, faced death threats and a series of vandalism that caused her to move locations. As a result of all the weight she had gained, Jamie could no longer come into the salon.

Another hill Jamie faced was the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic, which made her close her shop.

Credit: @official_jamielopez

Super Sized Salon

Her weight, therefore, brought forth the birth of the “Super Sized Salon.” The hit tv show debuted on June 29 on WE tv. It showed Jamie’s journey with weight loss and also centered around the salon’s staff and its customers.

At the time of her death, it was especially sad to hear that Jamie was making plans to begin filming season 2 of the hit tv show.

Before the series was aired, Jamie told Starcasm that what helped her lose weight was a two-year keto diet. She lost an impressive 400 lbs and this all happened in just a single year. In addition to her keto diet, she also credited exercising and weight-loss supplements that all helped her in her beautiful transformation.

Before her show, Jamie had previously appeared in “Shake My Beauty,” a documentary series that was aired in 2019.


Big Fat Lies

Another accolade was that the remarkable star was also the author of Big Fat Lies. The book detailed all her experiences and the most heartbreaking was when she was kidnapped. It happened when she was over 800 pounds and because of her immobile state, she was kidnapped at gunpoint and stolen. To add insult to injury, her kidnappers also took advantage of her.

Statements From Jamie’s Loved Ones

The sad news was announced by beloved staff and they went ahead and asked for her family’s privacy as they went through this difficult time.

Credit: @official_jamielopez

“We ask, on behalf of the Babydoll family, that you allow us time to process this tremendous loss. Further details and arrangements will be announced soon. We have suffered an extraordinary loss and appreciate the time and space to grieve in peace. Please keep our Babydoll family & team lifted in your hearts and prayers.” Jamie’s representatives said.

They also did not forget to thank WE tv and Super Sized Salon producer Matador Content. This is for all the love and support they have shown Jamie ever since the beginning of her hit show.

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