Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Travels Back to the’30s

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Travels Back to the’30s

Agents of SHIELD Season 7 Travels Back to the’30s

If you’ve been following Agents of SHIELD this far then you likely know what’s happening, and might be able to guess at what should be about to happen eventually in season 7, but it’s very likely that there will be a twist all the same that some people might not see coming, like the agents actually starting Hydra in the past, which could be something that might not be what some folks are hoping for but could happen anyway. Sandy Schaefer of ScreenRant has more to say on the matter, but as a show that a lot of people didn’t expect to survive past a season or two, AoS has become something that has held it’s own more often than not and has diverged from the MCU in a big way while still doing its own thing. Thus far the show has managed to incorporate a few things from the MCU, but without being drowned out by it or in any way beholden to the movies that have come along. It might seem odd that such a thing can happen, but the Marvel universe is a big place and as Spider-Man: Far from Home has shown, there is such thing as a multiverse and a lot of different aspects to the Marvel universe that have yet to be fully explored in TV or in the movies, so it’s not beyond the realm of feasibility.

That season 7 is going back in time is just among the many oddities that makes the Marvel universe so great and so expansive since the only limits to it are the imaginations of the writers and producers in regards to what was laid down so long ago. Morgan Jeffery and Abby Robinson of Digital Spy have more to say on this subject. It’s fair to say that some people might be rolling their eyes and wondering just what the show is going to come up with now, but at the very least it’s enough to say that the main part of the season is still being guessed at and the details haven’t been fully forthcoming just yet. That’s likely for the best since giving away too much at once, meaning the idea of time travel, isn’t bound to do the show any huge favors, though it will keep people talking until the season begins and things start popping off in a big way. The rumor and gossip mills will continue to grind away at the show, making guesses, theories, and testing the probabilities right up until the end, which this coming season will be. As of mid-2020 the show will be wrapping up as far as we know and things will start to look forward as the characters are given a fitting end or an arc that will keep people guessing even after the show is gone.

What comes next after AoS is anyone’s guess since Marvel has a lot of ideas up their sleeve and while SHIELD has usually been a mainstay in the Marvel universe in one way or another it might make an appearance in other movies to come or it might quietly slip to the background and be a presence that’s spoken of but never seen. That’s not too hard to imagine since in the movies SHIELD has been present but has given way to the main characters quite often and been seen as little more than support and backup when it was needed. If anything, Nick Fury has been the main part of SHIELD that a lot of people have always looked forward to seeing thanks to the standout performance of Samuel L. Jackson. It’d be nice to think that we’re going to see him show up occasionally throughout the next few phases, but again that’s kind of hard to tell since it’s not for certain just how willing Jackson will be to show up in one movie after another since he’s been little more than a bit player for a while now. It would be fun to see SHIELD have a presence in another Wolverine movie however since he and Nick Fury do have a history in the comics which could be exploited at some point and shown to the fans on the big screen.

At this time though the idea of AoS ending is enough to get people intrigued to see what might come after and to wonder if we’re going to see the characters from the show develop any further or if this is going to be their swan song as they end on a triumphant and possibly saddening note. It’s hard to say really but if you’ve been watching the show for a while now then you get the idea that things can take a turn for the better or worse depending on the story line and how the writers want to spin it. Until we get to see it on the screen we just won’t know, will we?

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