Yes, Ana De Armas Fans Really Sued Universal

Never say that you’ve seen it all because one thing that’s usually easy to rely on is that movie fans will end up surprising those around them by sinking to a new low or doing something so insanely moronic that one can’t help but sit and read an article of such buffoonery with their jaw agape. In this instance, the case dates back to 2019 when two fans rented the movie Yesterday, in which Ana de Armas is shown in the trailer. The unfortunate part about this is that for one reason or another she was not included in the movie, much to the chagrin and anger of the two fans in question, who decided it would be worth their time to sue Universal Studios, claiming that the studio was being deceptive in their practices. What the two fans might not realize is that Yesterday isn’t the only movie that’s cut actors from a movie entirely, and amazingly enough, fans didn’t feel the need to be offended on the behalf of so many others, as they claim, and didn’t bother to file a lawsuit that, hopefully, has little to no chance of winning. 

Here’s the trick that a lot of people don’t appear to realize when it comes to movies: the fans don’t control them. That might not appear accurate since it would appear that in recent years fan complaints and gripes about this and that have changed the course of one movie or another. But the general idea is that the studios are there to give fans something entertaining to watch, not assuage their delicate feelings with a big payout when they feel cheated. If that was how things worked, Hollywood would have gone bankrupt quite a while ago. The idea that fans believe that the studios owe them for a bad movie experience is kind of amusing really since it would indicate that any time a fan is displeased they get to voice their displeasure by suing whoever put them in a bad mood. 

At this time it doesn’t sound as though Arma’s representatives have said anything for or against this, which is a little more uplifting since they either don’t care or they don’t want to acknowledge it in the least bit. Fans are funny in a way when they decide that their wants and needs are this important since they tend to think that people won’t put them on blast on social media or anywhere else for this kind of attitude. It’s easy to think that some won’t since they might be of like mind, but in all honesty, it’s far too easy to laugh at those that believe that any studio owes them anything other than an entertaining movie that they’re going to pay for. The movie, Yesterday, has to do with a world in which people have mysteriously forgotten all about The Beatles, and one young man that still remembers them, a musician no less, decides to pass off their songs as his own, at least until his conscious will no longer him to do so, at which time he reveals to the world what he’s done. 

But it does sound as though Ana was meant to be another part of the movie that would have tied things together a bit more, and while she was shown in the trailer, her parts had been entirely cut out. Woe to the fan that spends $3.99 on a Redbox movie and doesn’t get what they want, only a 5 million dollar lawsuit appears capable of steadying their delicate emotional state. If you’re not laughing then don’t feel too bad, I’ll laugh for the both of us. It’s dry laughter to be certain, but it’s still amusement at the gall that some fans have since this lawsuit is something that takes a lot of guts but no common sense to file given that it’s essentially stating that the fans are suing because their feelings were hurt, under the guise of a lawsuit that’s about deceptive practices put into place by Universal Studios. Is anyone else wondering how low fans are willing to go to get something they want and to feel offended on behalf of others? At this point, the best counter would be for another of Ana de Armas’s fans to speak up and say that they don’t feel offended in the least bit. That would certainly be something to laugh about. 

At the end of the day, we pay to see the movies we want. We have our reasons for watching these movies, and if those reasons are altered, most folks shrug their shoulders and either wonder or look up why things were changed. But suing a studio for being ‘deceptive’ is a great joke since it’s one of the most childish reactions to hit the internet lately, and that’s saying something. 

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