Will Kylo Ren be Resurrected?

Will Kylo Ren be Resurrected?

Will Kylo Ren be Resurrected?

Out of all the bad ideas that have come along in the history of Star Wars, and there have been several since Disney bought up Lucasfilm, this has to be one of those that, from the start at least, appears to be one of the worst. Saying that Kylo Ren was the worst thing to come to Star Wars isn’t fair since the character did have a good deal of potential, but like many characters, he was wasted a little too easily. As much as no one wants to believe, it would appear that Disney didn’t really understand what they had in Star Wars and are constantly trying to make up for it, but in ways that are less than effective. But trying to pull a trick that is useful in the comics but literally nowhere else, it would appear that they’re going to attempt to bring Kylo Ren back for another trilogy, which is all well and good if they’re thinking of detailing his life from the moment he destroyed Luke’s Jedi Academy until he captured Poe Dameron. 

But if it’s a literal resurrection that is being discussed, then we have hit the same level that the comics and soap operas have made so popular over the years, the mysterious resurrection that stretches disbelief like warm taffy until every conceivable plot hole is covered. While it’s true that there have been developments in the animated series that have shown that people can escape their fate and travel along pathways between moments in time it feels as though this would be a very risky way to bring Kylo back, especially since he reverted back to being Ben Solo near the end of Rise of Skywalker and, more than that, he gave his life to save Rey, so…there’s that. Bringing Kylo back wouldn’t just wreck the timeline and cheapen Ben’s sacrifice, it would tighten the downward spiral that many believe that Star Wars is already on, thereby making sure the course it’s on can’t possibly be righted before it finally crashes and burns. 

Of course, that’s kind of a paranoid way of looking at things, while realistically, bringing back Kylo Ren would be risky no matter how it’s done since one can bet that some fans are all for it and others are going to be screaming, ranting and raving that he’s dead and he died honorably so it’s in no way a good idea to even think about bringing him back. But this is one opinion among many, and one that isn’t even a whisper that matters to the Mouse House when it comes to the plans that their creative think-tank comes up with as they continue to push forward in an effort to entertain the masses and ignore the fanboys that continue to make it clear that their sense of direction is more than a little skewed. The fact is that everyone is going to have something to say about something like this and the main point is bound to keep coming back to the fact that fans saw the movie, they saw Ben give his life, they saw him fade into nothing. It’s going to be tough for Disney to sell this idea to everyone, but I’d be willing to bet good money that they’ll still pull a win out of this if they move forward with it. 

The reason why I say this is that the Mouse House knows how to get people to spend money on just about anything. From pushing merchandise that they know kids will love and that adults will buy to promotional deals, games, and other experiences, they’ll do whatever they have to in order to stave off a loss when one of their movies garners a less than adequate review from fans. Plus, they already know that once a movie hits theaters or the small screen that people are going to watch it, especially those that are heavily invested in the franchise, so there’s a guaranteed amount of money that’s already bound to come trickling in since Star Wars is a big name franchise and, as should be guessed, it’s going to attract a big number of people that want to know what’s going on and what else the story has to offer. 

This is why bringing Kylo Ren back would be a money-making idea, even if it’s bound to anger a lot of fans that want to see the story advance, but not at the expense of common sense that says that the character is dead, gone, and is now one with the Force, which is another argument that I won’t get into at this moment. Pop culture is a bit confusing at times since so many different points of view are going to collide and clash on a regular basis at times, and it becomes rather messy after a while. 


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