Grandma’s Boy is Still a Classic


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In 2006 a movie titled Grandma’s Boy slipped into the public eye and did fairly well since those who watched it managed to get a good laugh and were excited to see the new characters that were brought to life by the friends of Adam Sandler that one tends to see in so many of his movies. Allen Covert took the lead in this feature and was given a great deal of support by not only those he’d acted with before but also a few stars that surprised a lot of people since Doris Roberts, Shirley Jones, and Shirley Knight were great additions to the movie since all three of time had at one time been on TV portraying women who were considered to be quite wholesome, which made it great to see them in this raunchy comedy since some might not have thought they would fit in such a crowd. But the fact is that they ended up helping to make this one of the funniest movies of the 2000s since Grandma’s Boy might not have scored that high with the critics (what a shock), but it did manage to become a highly memorable movie to those who happen to love this type of humor. 

credit: Grandma’s Boy

It’s a cult classic; there’s no doubt about it. 

Those who have watched this movie and enjoyed it know the most popular lines and can likely get a rise out of anyone since the movie is hilarious and doesn’t shy away from some of the raunchier and more risque jokes that were available. The fact that it has heart and a few moments that are touching to the point of being heartwarming does help since Alex, the main character, ends up realizing that he wants to do more with his life, but it does take him a while to get in the groove. The story does move along at its own pace, which isn’t too quick or too slow, but is kind of plodding, kind of like the real world appears to be for some folks. In other words, it’s a relatable story that people can get into and don’t analyze too harshly unless they’re movie critics that live to inject logic into every other moment. 

The gross-out scenes that critics don’t appear to enjoy are still insanely funny, even if they’re cringe-worthy. 

Fart jokes, intimate moments, and other instances that might be deemed kind of gross and unnecessary do abound in this movie since Alex is a guy in his 30s and isn’t entirely mature yet since he’s been a game tester for a good portion of his life and doesn’t appear to take many things seriously. But the fact that these moments are added in is even better since, once again. It allows people to relax and laugh at the things that others might consider low-class and even too gross to add to a movie. This is a story about a life spent at street level, though since Alex isn’t a rich socialite and he’s not someone that makes a great deal of money and fritters it away with wild abandon. This is a working-class guy that’s surrounded by other working-class individuals and is, at one point, forced to stay with his grandmother and her two roommates to make ends meet and simply find a place to stay. It’s the tale of a guy that’s doing what he has to so that he can survive, which is easy to relate to for a lot of people. 

credit: Grandma’s Boy

The story is about a guy in his 30s who appears to have no direction, but that’s kind of what makes it appealing. 

This movie makes a lot of people think about what they were doing in their 30s and whether or not they were on the right track. Apart from that, it’s also a fun story about a guy that has a great support group, even if some of them are incredibly immature, and some of them are bound to coddle him, but not without expectation. The great part about the grandma in this movie is that she’s supportive of her grandson, but she doesn’t let him lie around like a slob once he comes to live with her since she’s a very traditional woman that takes care of Alex but expects him to help out around the house. As for her roommates, well, they’re unique individuals that are there to support him at one point but are kind of off in their own little worlds, which proves to be another great aspect of the movie. 

The fact that it has a happy ending is great, but of course, it couldn’t end in a totally sappy way. 

When his grandmother helps him out by defeating his rival at the video game company he works for, Alex is vindicated and gets to live his happy ending. But true to form for movies of this genre and type, his best friend and pot dealer Dante has purchased an elephant for the celebration, which follows on the heels of buying a monkey trained in martial arts and a lion that was meant to keep his belongings safe. Yeah, it’s that type of movie, and it’s great. 

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