Adam Driver Would Return to Star Wars if Asked

Adam Driver Would Return to Star Wars if Asked

Adam Driver Would Return to Star Wars if Asked

Welcoming Adam Driver back to the Star Wars universe doesn’t sound like a horrible idea unless of course, one is talking about a return as Kylo Ren, or Ben Solo, since that character is dead and gone, and in a lot of ways some fans are glad. But with Kathleen Kennedy stating that there’s a very good possibility that various characters from the sequel trilogy could be returning, it would appear that there might actually be a chance that Kylo Ren is bound to make a comeback somehow. If there were prequel series to introduce him into the series a little better, it might end up having to de-age Driver just a bit since six years have passed since he was introduced as the Force-wielding antagonist with the huge daddy issues. It’s fair to say that the character was effective enough and that he did belong in the trilogy but at the same time the fact that Kylo Ren threw temper tantrums and tore things apart when he was angry kind of took something away from his character since it made him look more like a spoiled brat than a powerful, confident warrior. 

Also, if he is brought back, and the plan is to push him into a future story, there had best be a great way to somehow resurrect the character since otherwise, it’s very likely that the fans would want a serious explanation as to how this was allowed to happen. Given that there have been Force ghosts and clones, there is a way to possibly bring him back, but it’s also fair to state that fans wouldn’t care too much for this unless they were completely of the mind that anything Disney does is great. Since that’s not likely to happen, at least we hope it’s not likely to happen, it’s a wonder if this is just a giant tease or if Kennedy really means to bring Kylo back somehow. 

Unlike Marvel Comics, Star Wars isn’t known for retconning its characters every few years to start anew in a way that might make sense thanks to a multiverse or some other idea, and if this is what the creative minds behind the stories are thinking, then it’s a hope that they don’t bother bringing it forward since like it or not, Star Wars needs to move forward, not diagonal, or backward, or any other way that might allow dead characters to come back into the fold, since not only is it an uncommon practice, but it’s something that might end up really mucking up the Star Wars franchise if it’s allowed to happen. A lot of people are likely thinking that Kennedy and Disney have a plan for bringing the characters of the most recent trilogy back, but so far a lot of the fanbase is thinking that it’s a rather poor idea and isn’t something that needs to happen. But the fact that Driver is ready and willing to go, if the story is great enough, and if there’s something happening that he can get behind, is another reason why it might end up happening anyway. It’s tough to say no to Star Wars in any way, shape, or form, but at the same time, it’s not that hard when thinking of what could happen if it’s allowed to move forward in a way that could degrade it with each new project. 

So far, Star Wars has made money, so it’s easy to assume that those in charge know what they’re doing, which is what a lot of people that are attempting to be diplomatic about the direction that Star Wars is taking have done. But the thing about the fanbase is that it’s easy to split it as has been shown over the years, and much of what Disney has ended doing to the franchise has either angered a great number of fans or has alienated them from the Mouse House, or both. While Driver might be up for it, bringing back Kylo Ren would be best in a story that takes place at some point in his past, or it might not work at all. There are some ideas that, when brought to the attention of those that can do something with them, might be worth bringing to mind. But this isn’t one of them. 

Of course, given that people are going to be willing to pay for the experience, it’s likely that in the next several years we might see various characters from the sequel trilogy return, though one does have to wonder in what capacity we’ll see them and how they might affect the story. Until that happens though, much of this is speculation and rumor, and should be taken as such. Once things start to happen, then it will be time to talk about the real impact and what it will do to the franchise. 

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