Horror Roles That Truly Messed with the Actors’ Heads

Horror roles are notorious for making people believe that the actors in them are getting truly messed up since some of them are so violent and disturbing that you can’t imagine anything else coming of it. Some scenes are just so crazy and over the top that it would seem that the actors have to go into therapy or at least be allowed to take some personal time to breathe and possibly relax for a while after going through it. Some horror films are worse than others but a lot of them are bad enough to the point that you have to wonder if after the film is over whether or not the actors are ever the same.

Sometimes art can affect life in a very profound way.

5. The Shining-Shelly Duvall

At this point it’s kind of known that Shelly Duvall was having issues on the set of The Shining. Stanley Kubrick, genius that he was, took good care to make sure that the boy playing Danny was kept away from the horror aspects of the film, but he didn’t allow Shelly that kind of buffer. He made sure that she appeared strung out and on edge most of the time so that her look could be accurate for the film. It took a heavy toll on the actress as she was even in danger of dehydration at some points.

4. The Exorcist-Linda Blair

This film didn’t just wreck her body thanks to the stunts she had to endure but it kind of wrecked her teenage years as well. After she starred in the movie she kept getting questions about possession, Catholicism, and all manner of subjects having to do with the movie that she knew nothing about. Lind was playing a part so far as she was concerned and didn’t think much about it after that.

3. The Texas Chainsaw Massacre-Marilyn Burns

This has to be one of the most messed up and traumatizing movies ever made. Worse still is the fact that Burns actually had to take a few lumps for it since she got punched in the face and scraped up during the shoot. She also had to endure having her finger cut at the dinner table scene. That wasn’t fake blood that was being used when her finger was cut open, it was very real, and the only explanation given was that everyone was feeling crazy at that moment.

2. Poltergeist-Jobeth Williams

There were a lot of strange things that happened on the set that caused the actors a good deal of mental anguish and discontent. It was almost as though something supernatural was happening to each actor as the film continued to roll on, making it a very uncomfortable film to continue even though they pushed through. It didn’t help that the skeletons in the pool scene were real.

1. The Omen-Gregory Peck

So many things happened before and during the shooting of this film that you would think that they might have figured that it wasn’t a good idea to go ahead. But they filmed it despite the tragedies that continued to happen.

Apparently nothing stops a horror movie from being made.

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