Captain America: The Winter Soldier Trailer Recut in Mission: Impossible 6 Style

Redoing the trailer to Captain America: The Winter Soldier in the style of Mission: Impossible 6 doesn’t do much more than update it, but the effect is pretty cool since it makes it seem a lot more intense and hard-hitting than it was. That seems kind of difficult since it was a hard-hitting film both emotionally and physically for Cap. It made him start to question his place in the role of things and it put him face to face with a man he’d thought was dead for a long, long time. It also featured what many thought was the death of Nick Fury, which was a heavy blow to the MCU since Fury was kind of the guy that put the whole Avenger’s initiative together in the first place.

But bringing out the Winter Soldier was something pretty awesome since he was tougher than nails and could match Cap for strength, speed, and stamina for the most part. Anyone that can knock the Black Widow down and keep going is bound to be someone that can give Cap a run for his money. Honestly the Falcon couldn’t really hang with the Winter Soldier if it came to a one on one confrontation since Cap has trouble taking him down. The music is integral to the movie in this situation but it really did add more to the trailer than one would initially think since the up tempo of the track really makes it pop just a little bit more with each gunshot, each impact, and every slam and hit.

Maybe it’s the fact that the MCU is taking only a minimum time to develop the characters and plot lines while allowing the necessary progression of the films to take over that’s keeping them above the DCEU at this point. Let’s face it, the MCU is skating on top while the DCEU is just barely treading water by comparison. Their Snyder Syndrome, it’s true, is what’s keeping them down since they have yet to really step out of the shadows, or to realize that CGI can only cover up so much. Plus have you ever noticed that just about every character in the DC universe is so freakishly good at something that just about all of them are supposedly capable of taking down their Marvel counterparts with relative ease, I mean, according to fans and critics. That could be another reason why the MCU is so much greater, their heroes have vulnerabilities like emotions and physical limitations that keep them from being so off the wall powerful that they could take down just about anyone.

Yes the MCU has it’s fair share of insanely heavy hitters, but Captain America has limits, so does the Winter Soldier, so does just about everyone in the MCU, and they work around them to get the job done. They might get beaten and banged up quite often but their victories tend to mean more since they can’t just shrug the damage off and keep moving forward. DC is starting to get that point, but it’s a slow transition.

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