5 Intriguing ‘What If?’ Scenarios for a Star Wars Animated Series

5 Intriguing ‘What If?’ Scenarios for a Star Wars Animated Series

5 Intriguing ‘What If?’ Scenarios for a Star Wars Animated Series

Imagine a world where Lucasfilm and Marvel, both owned by Disney, join forces to create a Star Wars animated series based on the concept of ‘What If?’ scenarios. While some fans might initially be skeptical, the idea of exploring alternate storylines and outcomes featuring their favorite characters could prove to be a hit. Let’s dive into five potential ‘What If?’ ideas that could make for a captivating Star Wars series.

1. Finn as the Jedi and Rey as the Scavenger

Picture John Boyega’s reaction to this idea: Finn becomes the Jedi, while Rey remains a scavenger. Although Boyega has expressed disinterest in participating in a series, having him voice his own character would be a fantastic addition. This twist would undoubtedly spark controversy, as Rey’s powerful Force abilities in the first movie divided the fanbase. How would the story unfold if Finn were the one wielding the Force?

2. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan Captured in The Phantom Menace

What if the two Jedi were captured and unable to rescue Queen Amidala? This scenario could lead to a domino effect of consequences, as the Trade Federation would likely have no qualms about wiping out the natives of Naboo. Furthermore, the detainment of Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan could impact the liberation of a certain young boy destined to disrupt the Force and become the Emperor’s greatest weapon against the Jedi. The implications are vast and intriguing.

3. Darth Vader Turns Leia, Leading to a Sibling Showdown

While it may seem far-fetched, imagine a world where Darth Vader successfully turns Leia to the dark side, forcing her and Luke into a climactic battle. This twist would require a massive retcon of the original story and alter the dynamics of everything that follows. The relationships between Leia and Han, as well as Luke and Leia, would be drastically different. Additionally, the possibility of Vader’s redemption through his children could lead to a united front against Palpatine.

4. Luke Killed by the Wampa, Leaving Leia to Become a Jedi

In this dark alternate reality, the Wampa kills Luke, and perhaps even Han, during their encounter on Hoth. With her brother and potential love interest gone, Leia becomes the last hope for the Rebellion and the Jedi. Known for her stubbornness and determination, Leia might prove to be a more efficient Jedi than her doubt-ridden brother.

5. The Death Star Destroys Yavin 4

If Luke had failed to use the Force to destroy the Death Star, the obliteration of Yavin 4 and the majority of the Rebellion’s command force could have spelled doom for the resistance. With the remaining fighters hunted down, would Luke be driven to the dark side by his rage against the Empire? Would Han and Chewie stick around? This catastrophic event could solidify the Empire’s dominance and leave fans questioning the Rebellion’s chances of victory. The idea of a Star Wars What If? series is undeniably enticing.

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