Five Ideas for a Star Wars What-If Series

It might sound like a copycat move, but given that both Lucasfilm and Marvel are owned by Disney it feels as though it would be allowable, especially since the idea would be copied, but the stories would still be unique, as would the outcomes. Apart from that, there was a Star Wars graphic novel that dealt with the idea of what might happen had certain events happened differently in the main story, so it’s not too out of bounds to think about what might be possible in an animated story. Quite a few fans might have an issue with it, but something kind of indicates that they would get over it after a while, especially since it would be featuring some of their favorite characters, and it might actually put a smile on the faces of some folks, along with a few actors who might be selected to play the parts.  Here are a few what-if ideas that might work for a Star Wars series. 

5. Finn is the real Jedi, while Rey is just a scavenger

You can almost imagine the size of the smile, or smirk, that might be found on John Boyega’s face with this idea, but it would still be amazing if he would come back to voice his own character since he’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to participate in a series, nor does Oscar Isaacs. But making Finn the Jedi instead of Rey would be a controversial decision as well since this revelation did split the fanbase in a small way, but the fact that Rey was such a powerful Force-user in the first movie was enough to get a lot of people riled up. What would it be like if Finn had use of the Force instead? 

4. Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan are captured in The Phantom Menace

Essentially, this means that the two Jedi wouldn’t be able to come to Queen Amidala’s rescue, and there are a number of things that could happen after this since it’s fair to say that the Trade Federation wasn’t too concerned with what happened to the natives of Naboo, and would have happily wiped them all out. But keeping the two Jedi detained might also affect other matters in the movie, such as the liberation of a young boy that would one day disrupt the Force like no other, and would provide the eventual emperor with one of his greatest tools against the Jedi. There are a lot of implications to this one. 

3. Darth Vader turns Leia, forcing Leia and Luke to fight 

Yes, this sounds less than likely, but it also sounds like something that, if it did happen, would be enough to get the attention of a lot of people since not only would it require a massive retcon of the original story, but it would likely change the dynamics of everything that came after. Think about it this way, Leia and Han’s relationship, if it was really meant to be, would be far different, as would the relationship between Luke and Leia. There’s also the possibility that Vader might actually be redeemed through his children later on, and that they would, together, be able to defeat Palpatine or send him running. 

2. Luke is killed by the Wampa and Leia has to become a Jedi

Yep, it’s dark. But if the Wampa was able to kill Luke with one hit, perhaps striking his throat or delivering a serious head wound that kept him knocked out, or if the Wampa didn’t for some reason stick Luke’s weapon within his sight, things could have gone far differently. Maybe the Wampa would have even killed Han when he went looking for Luke, who knows? But the point is that Leia would become the last hope for the Rebellion, and for the Jedi. Given that she’s always been a little more stubborn and driven than Luke, it’s fair to say that Leia might actually be able to take on the mantle of the Jedi and be a little more efficient than Luke, who was filled with doubt quite often. 

1. The Death Star blows up Yavin 4

This would change things in a very big way since if Luke missed, or wasn’t able to use the Force as he did, it’s possible that the loss of the majority of the Rebellion command force would break the back of the Rebellion and leave those that were attacking the Death Star, what few were left, bereft and hunted. It’s easy to wonder if Luke, who was still a novice in the Force, would be driven to the dark side by his rage against the Empire, or if Han and Chewie would even stick around. This would be a huge blow to the Rebellion, and one that might establish that the Empire simply couldn’t be beaten. Admit it, you want to see a Star Wars What If? series. 

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