The Five Best Ana De Armas Movies of Her Career

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Looking at Ana De Armas and thinking that she might be stereotyped into the role of a gorgeous woman in every film might be possible, but the moment you start watching everything she’s done that idea becomes less credible despite the fact that there are a few movies in which she does take on that role. Thankfully though she’s shown that she has the capability of being so much more than just a pretty face and has wowed audiences with her ability to be not only a very moral and upright character, but also someone with a decidedly wicked side that might scare the living hell out of people if she was truly like that in real life. In other words she’s proved to be quite a talented woman that can flip the switch and become whatever she needs to be for a role, which is a big part of what keeps people in show business and grants them the ability to connect with the audience.

Here are some of Ana’s best movies thus far.

5. Exposed

This is her second movie with Keanu Reeves and unlike the first one this is something you might have to pay attention to since the story lines of the two main characters tend to run opposite of one another until near the end of the movie. Initially Isabel and the detective that Reeves plays are brought together when his partner is found dead in the subway terminal with her as the prime witness. But as the movie nears its end it comes to light that his partner was sexually abusing her within the terminal and that she fought back, taking him by surprise and killing him. The reason she doesn’t remember is due to the same trauma she suffered at the hands of her own father for so long.

4. Blade Runner 2049

Fans were a bit divided on this return to the world that was created a long while back since on one hand it was a chance to see a continuation of a movie that Harrison Ford had made great. On the other hand it dragged on and on in some areas and didn’t seem ready to move forward at a pace that the fans could have understood. In terms of a story though it was a powerful one just like the first movie and it did create a lot of questions even as it answered a few here and there. In terms of what the fans think though the Blade Runner movies are both kind of dark and very depressing in some ways since they bring the humanity of the characters into question so often.

3. War Dogs

Out of all the movies there are dealing with arms dealers the one lesson that seems to get passed around is that trust is a five-letter word that’s not worth time it takes to utter it to the nearest set of ears. In the world of arms dealers the only trust comes in the form of who’s going to pay the most and to be quite honest after that everything seems to get a bit hazy as time goes on. David and Efraim aren’t exactly the best bunch in the world when it comes to doing business and keeping things low key. When Efraim starts proving to be less than trustworthy it’s obviously time to get out, but obviously things aren’t quite that simple.

2. Knock Knock

Usually in movies like this it’s the guys you have to watch out for since they’re perceived to be the biggest threat, but in this case the two young women that take the married man by surprise, after convincing him to a threesome, prove to be more than a little dangerous. It’s almost like a different version of Funny Games save for the fact of the sexual escapades and the idea that these two women can overpower the male lead so easily, which is frightening when you realize that their attack is calculated and vicious enough to be successful. But even worse is the fact that they leave him alive after posting their encounter on Facebook.

1. Hands of Stone

A lot of people might not know about this movie or even about Roberto Duran and his fights with Sugar Ray Leonard, but this movie puts a lot of it into perspective while kind of doing its own thing. The characters were matched fairly well with their real-life counterparts with some notable differences but not enough to really upset the movie. All in all this film was something that a lot of boxing enthusiasts would likely call out for its inaccuracies but should be at least able to say is something entertaining that can be claimed to mark the history of Roberto Duran and the legacy he created.

Ana is already someone that seems like she should have a long and successful future ahead of her.

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