The Definitive Guide to Aubrey Plaza

In a lot of her roles Aubrey Plaza is known for her utter deadpan delivery and the hilarious way it’s typically received. In other words she barely ever cracks a smile at times and yet she’s still one of the funniest ladies around because she gets some of the biggest laughs. She’s played alongside some of the greatest names in show business at this point in her career and has shown the kind of skills that it takes to be recognized as a major player in any production. The movies she’s done have been either largely unknown or cult classics in some cases and hilarious examples of what she’s capable of in others. While she hasn’t always been a main character she’s always been somewhere close by when she needs to be and is the type of character that you tend to remember since her personality is just too big to miss.

Here are some of her best movies.

5. Child’s Play

Obviously this one hasn’t come out yet but the mere fact that she’s attached to it means that she’s going against type if would seem that she’s trying to stretch her talents to new level. Child’s Play of course is something that was absolutely terrifying when it first came out, so a complete reboot is making a lot of people hopeful that it could be that way again. But it needs to be said, and a lot of people need to understand, that just rebooting a franchise doesn’t mean it’s going to be great. They’re going to have raise the bar to a level that the original could never touch, and that won’t be easy.

4. Funny People

A lot of folks thought this movie was going to be non-stop hilarity since Adam Sandler and Seth Rogen are both notably funny guys. But if anything it was the opposite since it went to the world behind the comedy stage and showed just how messed up the main character’s life really was. When he gained an assistant things seemed to even out for a while, but even then things eventually got to the point where they simply couldn’t stand one another and things started to fall apart again. While the movie did have its funny moments there was a lot more drama than a lot of people expected.

3. Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

It seems that when Mike and Dave get together they tend to wind each other up a little too much and chaos follows not too far after. But when their father decides that they need dates to accompany them to their sister’s wedding it becomes a search for the right women that eventually lands the attention of Tatiana and Alice, two party girls that are interested in a free vacation and aren’t about to miss out. Unfortunately for the brothers the girls tend to ruin a lot of the wedding proceedings and, with their unwitting help, almost ruin the wedding itself. But in the end the four of them realize that the wedding is the most important thing and do what they can to fix it.

2. Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

There’s no doubt about that this role is something of a secondary character since she pops in and out of the movie on a fairly frequent basis at first. But the whole premise of the movie is of course the fact that Scott has to take on seven evil exes if he wants to date Ramona, who seems like she’s confused about what she wants half the time and yet will gladly give Scott the low-down on each evil ex. While Scott has to go through hell to win her heart the exes make that trip extremely painful since each one of them seems to possess a unique talent that makes them incredibly hard to fight, let alone beat.

1. Dirty Grandpa

Lenore seems to have daddy issues, very BIG daddy issues. Or maybe they’d be called Granddaddy issues? In any case she’s the young woman with no filter to her mouth and no inclination to apply one anytime soon as she says what she wants and lets people deal with it as they will. In fact it’s fun and safe to say that she’s one of the best parts of this movie since she gets to just cut loose and be the kind of person that you’d expect to show up in a film like this. While it might not be a strictly college movie it’s definitely somewhere along those lines and is a lot of fun no matter what the critics said.

Aubrey Plaza is a great deal of fun to watch, especially when she delivers her lines in a serious, no-nonsense way that leads to a funny and engaging moment that leads to something even more amusing.  Here are 10 things you didn’t know about Aubrey:

10. She was very nervous to work with Robert De Niro

For some reason a lot of people had a problem with this film, but it feels as though it was more to do with something other than the subject that was being covered. Aubrey played a young woman that might have had a serious daddy complex, or a grandpa complex, since she was all over De Niro’s character.  And when it came to sex scenes with the movie legend, Plaza said she was extremely nervous but that De Niro was incredibly nice and made her feel comfortable.

9. She began her career as an intern.

In fact she had a few internships throughout her early career, including one at Saturday Night Live. She’s been a busy woman when it comes to cementing her place in comedy and in Hollywood overall.

8. Chris Pratt Forgot Her Name on Parks and Recreation

In an interview, Aubrey Plaza revealed that Chris Pratt forgot her name, and it’s all because of his post- Parks rise to superstardom. “I guess when you’re the star of a Marvel movie and super, super famous and you’re flown all over the world, you meet so many people that your ability to pay attention is gone. So yeah, he forgot my name,” said Plaza. “I had to keep reminding him, and he’d say, ‘Oh right. Right, right.'”

7. She has a very deadpan delivery.

This is a part of what makes people think that she might be kind of hard to approach since that level of sarcasm is hard to get by with some people. But for Aubrey it’s all an act since in truth she’s a rather nice person.

6. She was in Funny People.

A lot of folks thought that this movie was going to be hilarious since it starred a few notable comedians and was hyped up as something that could be quite entertaining. The only problem was that it wasn’t what people expected and was a lot more dramatic than anything. People always forget that Plaza was in it.

5. She’s a Netflix junkie.

Even the stars have their favorite things to do when they’re at home and even celebrities love to binge on Netflix at times since after working so hard it’s necessary to take some time off and just enjoy yourself as you watch hour upon hour of your favorite shows.

4. She admits that working makes her feel normal.

Aubrey admits to feeling kind of weird if she’s not working, as though the work kind of balances her out. Some folks need stimulation at all times it would seem as work can really ground them out and give them the feeling that they’re doing something that connects them to the world and others around them. It’s an odd thing to think about since it’s not everyone that feels this way, but it is a very real thing for some.

3. She’s a big admirer of Tina Fey.

It’s pretty easy to be impressed by Tina Fey since she has been a strong and very endearing actress for some time now. Aubrey seems like a very strong and confident person as well so it’s likely that she modeled herself after Tina as well as a few others that she’s either worked with or viewed during her career.

2. She was named after a 1970s band.

It’s interesting how some parents choose the name of their children since they can pick from just about anything and everything that means something to them. Some folks choose family names, others choose influential characters in their lives or in history, and others love to name their kids after a song title.

1. She has to have some form of stimulation close at hand a lot of the time.

She’ll usually have an iPad, her phone, a book, a magazine, or something close at hand and will even have the TV on in order to have some form of stimulation just to make sure that she has something to do and something to take up her attention.

When watching her in film and then watching her in interviews it’s easy to see that Aubrey is a very different woman when she’s acting, but she does it so well that a lot of people kind of mistake what she’s really like. In all honesty she’s a very talented woman.

And here’s Aubrey in her various glasses looks

Aubrey Plaza and her various looks throughout the years, with and without glasses, have managed to capture a lot of people’s attention when it comes to the level of fame that she’s achieved at this point. It’s fair to say that at some points she’s been considered as kind of average-looking but still fierce when it comes to her acting, while at other times she’s become the sex symbol that a lot of people guessed she could be. Throughout her career, from 30 Rock to Parks and Recreation and all the way up to Dirty Grandpa and Ingrid Goes West she’s been evolving in a way that has allowed her to take her time and still present a confident face to the camera no matter what look she’s been going for.

As you can see she has her moments when she’s a little more waspish and less of the sex goddess that we’ve come to see her as, but that attitude of rebellion never leaves her eyes and it’s simply mesmerizing when she brings it up. Somewhere in that gaze you can see that she’s a decent and warm person in some ways, but when she’s acting it seems as though she’s the last person you really want to mess with.

Taking on various personas in shows such as Parks and Recreation and Legion has earned her great appraise since she seems capable of turning the switch on and off when it comes to her acting. In some folks that could be the sign of a deranged mind but in others that know how to work it to their advantage it’s like having a golden ticket in your pocket that you can access any time you want.

When she opens her mouth it’s hard to know what’s going to come out sometimes but depending on her look at the moment you should be able to guess at least within the realm of feasibility. Whatever does come out though is bound to be something that’s a little surprising anyway.

This look didn’t really seem to do much except make her look like a live action version of Daria from MTV, though it did give her a certain sense of charm that was hard to miss. Confidence is the thing that keeps her going it seems however, especially when she has to downplay her looks.

It’s very hard to dampen Audrey’s radiant good looks since she simply exudes a kind of aura that is difficult to resist and seems entirely too much to tamp down all at once. The idea that she could be anything but a sex symbol at this point in her career is a testament to the fact that she is a great actor and hasn’t yet been given a lot that’s worth her talents.

She’s still fairly young so it’s easy to see that there’s a lot of time for her to continue to develop her skills and to show people that she’s worth the effort to go and see.

Every picture looked pretty enticing didn’t it?

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