Chris Martin Teaches Daughter Apple to Play Beatles’ ‘Yesterday’ on Guitar

Chris Martin, the lead singer of Coldplay, is seen below trying to teach his daughter Apple how to play the Beatles’ song Yesterday on the guitar. It sounds a little rough but she might be just starting out so it’s perfectly okay since it could take a while. Not everyone can just pick up a guitar and take off as though they’re a famous rocker. Even famous musicians have to switch gears at times when it comes to playing different songs, and a Beatles song is something that needs to be given the proper respect if you’re going to play it all the way through. Plus he could just be being a good dad and keeping his daughter interested in music.

Yesterday has kind of an odd story behind it. Apparently Paul McCartney had a dream about playing this song. Upon waking up he hurried to get it down so that he wouldn’t forget it, committing it to paper so that he could continue to develop the piece. The only problem was that he was worried that he’d heard it somewhere before and had just ripped someone off. So he spent a good deal of time going around from one musician to the next trying to discern whether or not they’d ever heard it before. Finally when no one made a claim to it he proclaimed it as his and began to put words to it. The original title however was Scrambled Eggs since the song was very different when he first started out with it. The lyrics were different and the feel of the song was different.

Eventually it got worked on and the lyrics came out to what they are now, but the song still didn’t go on their next record for a couple of reasons that have been surmised. One was that it wasn’t finished, the other was that there might have been a dispute about the song not being a part of the Beatles’ normal sound. In fact the song didn’t go out for some time after McCartney started to work on it, as he’d not finished and wasn’t really sure of how to go about it. Eventually Yesterday was released however and it turned out to be another one of their hits. When you really look at it the Beatles were kind of a mess at times when it came to agreeing on anything, though many fans would likely tell you that the group was pretty tight for the most part.

That might have been true but there were obvious tensions beneath the surface since eventually they would all go their separate ways and, thanks to fate, would never get the chance at a true reunion ever again.  It’s kind of tragic really when you think about it that one of the greatest bands in the world were actually a mess on the inside and more prone to argue and see things differently than they were to just get along as people saw in public. Even there they weren’t perfect but they had least stuck together for the sake of looking professional.

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