Jason Momoa Will Team Up With Charlize Theron In Fast 10

Jason Momoa Will Team Up With Charlize Theron In Fast 10

Hawaiian superstar Jason Momoa has built a reputation for being one of Hollywood’s most manliest leading men. This man began his road to superstardom playing Khal Drogo in the Game of Thrones series and by golly, the guy really stole every scene he was in. I obviously don’t have to remind every fan of his most infamous scene where he flawlessly slaughtered one of his underlings for being insubordinate. No weapons, no armor, didn’t take a single hit and yet, Drogo subdued the Dothraki underling and then ripped his throat out. I don’t know about you, but that is the scene that sold me on how awesome Game of Thrones was. Since I never read the books before watching the show, I expected to see more Drogo action. Yeah, that was disappointing, but it did help make Jason Momoa a star.

By now, it’s hard to not think of him as a leading man playing the reluctant hero. And of course, we all know the best example of that is his most famous role, the most lamest superhero ever, Arthur Curry, better known as Aquaman. But wait, that’s the superhero who talks to fish, right? Well, that’s true, but if you’ve really read the Aquaman comics, you’ll know this monarch/superhero is really no joke. And when Jason Momoa took on the role, he truly made the character his own.

Jason Momoa playing Aquaman is probably one of the best things to happen for DC. However, despite seeing him more as a hero now, we shouldn’t forget that he could play an intimidating villain. Does anyone else remember when he took on Sylvester Stallone in Bullet to the Head? Probably not the most memorable action movie, but by the end of the movie, we knew this is one guy you wouldn’t want to tango with. If you listen to him in interviews, you’ll believe he’s the coolest guy ever. Still, this very tall and very buff Hawaiian native can play a very believable tough guy because he probably is one. And let’s be honest, you just can’t unsee him without his long hair and scruffy beard.

If you think Jason Momoa is better at playing the villain, then guess what? You’ll be seeing more of that in the next Fast and Furious movie. Just a reminder, we are coming up on the tenth installment in this franchise. When will it ever end? Probably never, even when the movies come to an end. One thing’s for sure, each Fast and Furious movie always has a big and buff actor to play the bad guy. When you have Vin Diesel playing the main protagonist, you pretty much need to have that other actor who can go toe-to-toe with him.

So far, we’ve seen Dwayne Johnson, Jason Statham, and John Cena take on Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto. Whenever Dom took on these bad guys, he always barely secured a victory over them in a fistfight. Since the Fast and Furious movies are apparently coming to an end, Dom will need someone seriously intimidating to fight him. Who better to take him on than Jason Momoa? Now that will be an epic brawling scene. While Jason Momoa has confirmed to be playing the villain in Fast 10, he won’t be the only villain. During an interview on the red carpet for the new movie Ambulance, Jason Momoa revealed his character will be partners with Charlize Theron’s character, Cipher.

Okay, so whenever Charlize Theron plays a badass character, she really sells it. But how many times has she played a truly diabolical villain? You can probably point to her Oscar-winning character from Monster, but one can argue that character was a sympathetic villain. Cipher, on the other hand, has no redeemable qualities. She debuted back in 2017’s The Fate of the Furious and unlike the villains who came before her, she was not a physical challenge for Dom. Her strength in villain came in her ability to manipulate and control things in the shadows. She even got to make Dom turn against his family by threatening his infant son. When a villain can make Dom go against his code of “family” you know she’s the real deal.

After seeing Fast 9, I really considered giving up on the sequels. The mindless action really has crossed some lines in recent years and they just keep finding ways to get even more ridiculous. However, I have to admit that the idea of Jason Momoa and Charlize Theron teaming up as a villainous duo sounds exciting. This could be the last we’ll be seeing Cipher as the big bad of the Fast and Furious movies, but I think we all know what Jason Momoa will be doing. Getting an actor like him means his one purpose is to fight Vin Diesel. But then again, it doesn’t really matter.

Why doesn’t it matter? How many fights has Dom actually lost in all the Fast and Furious movies? Well, actually none. And with each subsequent sequel, the superhuman strength of Dom has only increased. And keep in mind, this is a mechanic with no real combat training who can defeat trained killers in fistfights. It’s very, very ridiculous and it has gotten very old. So does it really matter that Jason Momoa is playing the villain? Probably not, considering he will likely lose his fight with Dom. I just personally hope he gives Dom a good fight.

Dom’s epic brawl with The Rock in Fast Five is the best fight scene in the whole franchise. That’s my pick, but I’ll stand by it until the franchise ends. And yes, I do believe the action scenes to come will never top it. Given that Dom has only gotten stronger with the following movies, it’s possible Jason Momoa’s character might not give him much of a fight. If that happens, then it will be another waste of a good superstar like Jason Momoa. I won’t be too surprised if it does, but I’ll still watch it. Anything with Jason Momoa is worth watching, especially if he’s the villain.

What are your thoughts? If you’ve given up on the Fast and Furious movies, does this news get you excited for Fast 10? Maybe this is the one fight Dom will lose? Yeah, maybe not, but let’s hope for a good fight.

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