X-23 Could Be The New Wolverine In Doctor Strange 2

X-23 Could Be The New Wolverine In Doctor Strange 2

Remember when we were supposed to get that solo movie for the X-23 character from 2017’s Logan? After the Fox and Disney merger happened, any hopes of that movie seemed to be left in the idea closet. It’s a real shame, because Dafne Keen as Laura, A.K.A Logan’s daughter/clone was absolutely phenomenal. Were you shedding buckets of tears at the end of Logan? If you say no, then you’re probably lying. The legacy of Hugh Jackman’s Wolverine could have very well continued with this young clone if she got her own solo movie. Of course, fans of the Fox-produced X-Men movies know all too well how the franchise didn’t seem to keep track of continuity. With that in mind, I guarantee you if that spin-off movie happened, there would have been some contradictions, but at least we would have gotten some bloody X-23 action.

In the fall of 2017, director James Mangold revealed that he was planning on writing and directing the spin-off for X-23 titled Laura. It was some exciting news, especially with James Mangold coming off his biggest win with Logan. Since we’re on the subject, what do you think the idea was behind this Laura spin-off? After hearing Logan’s final words, I’m sure Laura would dedicate her life to protecting her friends and other mutant children she comes across. As for her own characterization, I think she would have tried to control the inner animal within her, just like Logan struggled to do. As for the other characters she would have encountered, I’m curious to see who else James Mangold had in mind.

Now I really have to ask, where was Magneto during the time of Logan? We know that many of his lieutenants, including Mystique, have died before the events of Logan, so where did the leader of the Brotherhood end up? With mutants basically extinct and the Reavers and the Transigen corporation practically running the country, I find it surprising that Magneto wouldn’t try to fight back. Maybe he couldn’t because there’s a chance he perished sometime before Logan? If that’s the case, then I’d like to find out how and when. If he is somehow still alive, then he would be a good character for Laura/X-23 to interact with. He can either manipulate her into becoming his greatest weapon, similar to how he did with Jean Grey, or it’s possible the events leading up to Logan changed him.

In the comics, Magneto has been more of an anti-hero over the last decade rather than a villain. He has even earned a spot in the X-Men and assisted them during their conflict with the Avengers. His arc as a more heroic figure has worked in the comics and it’s something that was briefly touched on in the movies. If the X-23 movie happened, I think a far less radical Magneto would have been a great supporting character for Laura. And you know what? Since Liev Schreiber was originally supposed to be in Logan, why not have his Victor Creed pop up? Technically speaking, he would be Laura’s only relative, in other words her uncle, and he could have been a great supporting character. A lot of ideas were probably made for this spin-off, but sadly, none of them would ever come to fruition.

So after the Disney/Fox merger, everything Fox had planned would never go into development. While that does include the X-23 spin-off, does that really mean the character is stuck in that universe? Well, after what we all saw in Spider-Man: No Way Home, we have realized that Marvel is willing to do anything. The perfect example of that is Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. Just go watch the trailer and you’ll hear a familiar voice. That’s right, the founder and leader of the X-Men themselves, Charles Xavier, is coming back for this sequel. What’s really interesting is that Patrick Stewart is reprising his role. But wait, didn’t he die twice? Yes he did, but honestly, who knows what Sam Raimi has in mind for this. There could be a dozen explanations as to why he’s alive, but the fact that he’s coming back raises some questions.

Now I’m just basing this off of pure fan speculation, but just imagine if Patrick Stewart’s Professor X is coming back, then we should probably expect some other characters from the Fox-produced movies to return. Fans are probably making a million guesses as to who, but I think it would be a nice surprise if X-23 popped up. Now how would that work? Well, I would still say bring back Dafne Keen to play a teenage X-23. It could very well pick up from where we last saw her in Logan and she has likely changed. I mean, aside from the claws, I think she would have become less animalistic as time went by. This would also set up for a good relationship between her and Charles Xavier. And yes, you may as well call him her grandfather.

I think we have all heard the rumors about the Wolverine popping up in Doctor Strange 2. If you’re a Marvel nut, you know this rumor could have some validity to it. Granted, it could be just a rumor, but it could also not be what we think. Wouldn’t we all love it if Hugh Jackman came back? Absolutely, but I think that won’t happen, at least not in Doctor Strange 2. Could there be a totally new Wolverine that will lead into the X-Men joining the MCU? That could be a possibility, but I think we should think more outside the box. This is the Multiverse of Madness after all.

If we’re getting a new Wolverine in the Doctor Strange 2, then there is a chance it might even be Logan. Just imagine seeing an older Laura as the new Wolverine. She would be following in her “father’s” footsteps and she could leave the X-23 name behind her. Of course, much like her predecessor, her past is something that isn’t easily forgotten, so part of becoming the new Wolverine would be overcoming that animalistic nature her creators forged into her. I think this would be a cool and unexpected idea, not to mention it could potentially lead into a X-23 solo series. And why not let James Mangold helm it? Okay, it would probably be far less bloody than he originally intended, but he could still giver her a good character arc. Even if it doesn’t lead into the X-Men, who cares? We can just see an older Laura embrace the Wolverine mantle and become a bigger character.

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