Five Reasons “Swingers” Holds Up Today and Is Still a Classic

Five Reasons “Swingers” Holds Up Today and Is Still a Classic

Five Reasons “Swingers” Holds Up Today and Is Still a Classic

Swingers was considered to be one of the best films of its time and brought together a cast that clicked in ways that many other movies do but also managed to convey enough emotion that made the film an instant classic. Mikey is the kind of character you pull for but can’t help groaning about when he makes one mistake after another with his life. He’s not a bad guy, but there’s definitely several moments in which many people would love to smack him upside the back of his head just for the things he does and says. Granted his heartbroken and in need of companionship, but he still needs to try a little less and listen a lot more.

Here are just a few reasons why Swingers is considered a classic.

5. It set Vince Vaughn on the track he needed for his comedic career.

We might still have gotten Vince Vaughn eventually but the chances are that it might have taken longer and he would have been a different person when he did finally arrive on the scene. This movie is what allowed him to act naturally and be the fast-talking, wise-cracking individual that so many people know him as now. He might have worn out the attitude a bit in this era but back then he was something special to watch.

4. It created a path for Favreau to follow and build on.

Like Vaughn, Favreau has had a long and very successful career. He’s gone back and forth from acting to directing and been very impressive in both roles. For Swingers he had a very distinct vision and decided to go with it on his own rather than give it off to someone that would disturb what he’d written and discard whatever didn’t work for them.

3. It was outside the recognized system and it thrived because of it.

Swingers was an indie movie largely because it didn’t hold to certain conventions and did not allow itself to be placed in the mainstream just like so many other movies. The movie was kept true to its roots by the decision of Favreau to keep it away from any director that couldn’t follow his vision to a tee. That alone has made it worthy of being called a classic, because it’s never been tainted by a different point of view.

2. It helped to define a generation.

Swing wasn’t the thing when this movie came out. Rap, rock, and grunge were the genres that most people fell into, but by the end of the decade people were looking into swing again. It could have had something to do with the film or it could have been the sign of another trend beginning. Whatever the case Swingers was credited with defining the generation that came love it.

1. It helped to redefine the Vegas experience in film.

There have been so many different movies made about going to Vegas that trying to redefine the experience is no longer something that can be attempted. It has to be something that is more accidental than intentional, and Swingers managed to create an experience that was far more natural than any other movie.

Vegas baby Vegas!


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