Indiana Jones 5: Will Mutt Williams Be Mentioned Or Ignored?

Indiana Jones 5: Will Mutt Williams Be Mentioned Or Ignored?

Indiana Jones 5: Will Mutt Williams Be Mentioned Or Ignored?

After Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, no one really thought there would be another Indiana Jones movie. For the most part, Kingdom of the Crystal Skull derailed the franchise and ended a great action series on a sour note. Aside from the whole non-aliens mumbo jumbo, Indy’s (Harrison Ford) story ended with him settling down and marrying Marion Ravenwood (Karen Allen).

Then there was that segue into the fact that he found out that Shia LaBeouf‘s character, Mutt Williams, was actually his son. It was kind of implied that he was going to continue Indy’s legacy, but that never happened. But hey, at least the man got his happy ending.

With the famous treasure hunter finally settling down, it seemed the adventures of Indiana Jones finally came to an end. After 2008, there were a lot of talks about continuing the series, but it never actually happened till everyone finally gave up hope.

In a nutshell, we are indeed getting a fifth Indiana Jones movie!

Why We Need Another Indiana Jones Movie

Indiana Jones Mutt Williams

There’s a general consensus that Raiders of the Lost Ark is one of the best movies in the franchise. In a nutshell, it changed the game for action movies and helped catapult Ford into stardom. Heck, it even inspired the creation of the very awesome Uncharted games.

So while some may think it’s overdue and others think it’s unnecessary, there’s no better time for another Indiana Jones movie than the present. With The Dial of Destiny on the brink of being released, it seems like the public spoke, and producers answered.

Will it make up for the wrongs of Kingdom of the Crystal Skull, the jury is still out. But with James Mangold in the director’s chair, there may still be hope. Despite all the excitement surrounding the release of a new Indy movie, there’s one nagging question in the background.

Is it truly going to be Indy’s last adventure? He may very well retire for good, and that means someone else may have to carry on the Indiana Jones name. Will Mutt Williams be that person?

Will Mutt Williams Be Part of Indiana Jones 5?

Mutt Williams

At the moment, there’s no indication that LeBeouf is part and parcel of the new release. While there may be tons of reasons for that, it raises the question as to whether Mutt Williams would be in Indiana Jones 5. Sure, for the most part, Mutt Williams’ reception wasn’t that positive.

However, the character had a big impact on the Indiana Jones timeline. Before Indy found out, Mutt acted as his companion throughout the movie. Basically, he was the new Short Round (Ke Huy Quan). In a nutshell, With Indy coming out of retirement, it’s going to be a bit strange if he goes through his whole adventure without mentioning his wife or his son.

Unless James Mangold goes the easy route and just reveals that Indy and Marion divorced at some point. Even then, wouldn’t it make sense to at least mention Mutt’s name at least once?

The reality is, a majority of Indiana Jones fans just didn’t dig Mutt Williams. He may be Indy’s son, but his character isn’t essential for another big adventure. People simply want to see Indy do his thing…  without CGI animals or aliens. There really is no use for Mutt, or even the need to carry on Indy’s legacy.

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