The Connection Between Incredible Hulk and The Captain America Movies

The Connection Between Incredible Hulk and The Captain America Movies

The Connection Between Incredible Hulk and The Captain America Movies

It turns out that even if we didn’t get to see Edward Norton’s Hulk make his way into the MCU, we still kind of did, but his transition into Mark Ruffalo was kind of a downturn for a lot of people. The connection however that the writers of MovieWeb are getting at has to do with the fact that the tube containing the formula that Emil Blonsky, played by Tim Roth, was given in The Incredible Hulk was created by none other than Dr. Reinstein, a name used as a codename for Dr. Erskine, the man that created the super soldier serum that turned Steve Rogers into Captain America. So obviously the good doctor was working on more than just one formula at the time, though it’s fair to think that he might not have meant to create something so horrifying as the Abomination. If anyone remembers, Emil Blonsky already had the super soldier serum coursing through his body, but it’s obvious that it could have been something a little less than refined, or the effect of combining it with Banner’s research could have had that adverse effect that no one saw coming. In any case, Captain America and the Hulk are, for the most part, connected by one man in the comics that turned out to be the same man in the movies, meaning that their greatness is derived from chemical means that could have been why Banner was able to survive a gamma explosion in the first place.

When you think about the reality of it, which a lot of people choose not to do in order to have fun with the movie, the gamma rays that affected Bruce Banner would not turn him into a green rage monster, but would instead have fried him and left the man as a corpse or a pile of ash in mere seconds. But thanks to the comics, and possibly something else running through his system if we really think about it, there’s a likely explanation that he could have survived because instead of knocking his body out of whack, the gamma rays, which are the highest frequency energy waves known to mankind, could have somehow interacted with whatever was coursing around in his system and violated every known law to create the humongous being known as the Hulk. It goes beyond anything science can easily explain and requires a great leap of imagination, but that could take the form of whatever formula Erskine created, if it was indeed floating around in Bruce’s system. That would be an interesting theory, don’t you think?

As it stands we don’t really know where all that extra mass comes from when Banner “hulks out”, but there are plenty of people that would love to give their own explanation since it’s a wonder to many folks that don’t know the full story of the Hulk. The same could be said for Captain America as well since he went from being a skinny piece of nothing to a buff and insanely strong individual that somehow took the time to train and become skilled in several different forms of combat along the course of his life. This is the comics though, we’ll accept pretty much anything that’s fed to us given that we’re in it for the entertainment and not much else. Once a person starts breaking down the comics and the movies in a realistic manner the glamour and the polished and impressive look of the heroes and the reality they live in start to take on a glossy sheen that reminds us that they’re derived from comics and aren’t real. But in the interest of keeping things interesting, we continue to believe that in the realm of the comics and the movies that their importance is tantamount to their survival and we continue to debate over this or that when it comes to their powers, their appearance, and of course, just how their origin stacks up. Years ago it might never have been said that Captain America and the Hulk shared much more than a few small things here and there, and the fact that they belonged to the same team for a while.

Today however connections are being made on a large scale between one character and the next as people continue to push theories, ideas, and beliefs that the Marvel universe harbors a wide network of connections that are more than coincidental and have something to say about the state of things. With Cap and Hulk it’s likely that they were seen as potential weapons, which would mean that they harbor other connections to other heroes and villains in the same manner. Given the fact that there’s so much shady business going down in the Marvel universe when it comes to weapon programs, it’s likely that drawing a map connecting the heroes would look rather interesting when it was all done.

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