The Best Uses of Styx Songs in Movies

The classics aren’t going away and we can rest easy. Even those of us that weren’t quite aware of this music when we were younger, or weren’t even thought of yet, can fully appreciate this music as just the mention of it tends to enhance the cinematic experience to which it’s attached. Styx is one of those bands that seems to go largely with comedic films for some reason, and seems to be a big favorite of Hollywood superstar Adam Sandler. Look at a lot of his movies and you should be able to see a Styx reference or hear at least one of their songs playing at some point in the film. Otherwise however, the band is quite popular as a back drop for films that enjoy the funnier side of life.

Here are a few movies that have found a role for Styx to play that seems comically appropriate.

5. Lady – Old School

Not sure how many of you have ever heard a slew of F-bombs being dropped during your first dance as husband and wife, but at least the happy couple decides to play if off like it didn’t happen. Somehow though it’s kind of a punctuation on the wedding itself, or maybe it’s a not so subtle hint that the wedding isn’t really bound to last considering that the Frank the Tank persona isn’t as dead and buried as his wife would like to think.

4. Come Sail Away – Big Daddy

It might be more noticeable on the promo, but this classic song is just another example of what Adam Sandler likes to see in his movies. He pulls on a great number of classics to line the soundtracks to his films, preferring the old favorites to the newer and more trendy tracks to groove to. A lot of us can understand and even agree that this makes his movies what they are, neither horrible nor so stellar that they’ll be considered legendary. They’re the kind of good feeling films that you like to remember and watch when you’re feeling nostalgic, and that works for a lot of people.

3. Mr. Roboto – Austin Powers: Goldmember

So yes, this is a bit of a cheat. Austin only mentions the most iconic line of the song, but I figured it was worth it for the mention alone. It’s a little easy to understand why Styx might have taken some flak when this song came out, but over time people have loosened up a bit and admitted that it’s a great song and a valuable part of their repertoire. Hearing Austin speak it in this film is a little cringe-worthy but not horrible. Yes, I cheated, get over it.

2. Tonight’s the Night – Hall Pass

It had to be this scene. I do recall the song being in this film but I did not remember it being this scene for some reason. Guys, if you’re married and your wife isn’t in the mood then DEAL WITH IT. But do it somewhere other than a public street where a cop might actually stop and check out the business BEFORE pulling you out of the car. The simple fact that he was getting off while listening to the song is just creepy and, yes, a little sad.

1. Renegade – Billy Madison

Told you Adam Sandler was into Styx. As his big breakout film Billy Madison was all kinds of crazy, and this track goes along perfectly with his devolution into the penguin-catching, beer-soaked, idiotic man-child he was in the beginning of the film. Thank goodness for Bridgette Wilson and her no-nonsense approach of literally beating some sense into him. Hey, at least he thanks her for beating the crap out of him.

So there you have it, the best representation of Styx songs in films. It was a little tough to find these but without a doubt they’re some of the best appearances you’re going to find without making the jump to TV.


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