Why Thomas and Martha Wayne Deserve A Spin-Off

Why Thomas and Martha Wayne Deserve A Spin-Off

Why Thomas and Martha Wayne Deserve A Spin-Off

The Batman introduced an interesting element to Thomas and Martha Wayne that deserves some more exploration. As a spoiler warning, this article will feature some notes about the Matt Reeves vehicle, so avoid reading this if you still haven’t seen The Batman yet. Plot twist! It’s revealed in the DC feature that Thomas Wayne isn’t the Mr. Goody Too Shoes that he’s portrayed as. Mr. Wayne tried to get rid of a reporter who was investigating his renewal project. Unfortunately, he turned to the scumbag known as Carmine Falcone, and though Mr. Wayne didn’t have the intention of murdering the reporter, it’s clear that him going to Mr. Falcone indicated that he isn’t above getting dirt on his hands when desperation calls. The Batman is really the first film to give layers to the character that have mainly served as the inspiration for Bruce Wayne becoming Batman. We get more context about the couple through comics, but not so much when it comes to the live-action spectrum.

Reeves deviating from the original story of Wayne being a gifted surgeon who was a charitable force around Gotham city was a nice call that actually warrants an in-depth look at the Wayne family as a whole. Mr. Wayne’s name is cleared by the end of it, but it’s interesting that he chose Carmine Falcone to get this reporter off his back. Thomas may have been naive about Falcone’s intentions, but exactly what was the nature of his relationship with the mob boss? Were they best friends? Could Falcone and Wayne secretly be brothers! That’s the only way that Wayne could naively trust Falcone, right? It’s also possible that he was at one point a member of Falcone’s crime organization. In some ways, that wouldn’t make too much sense because Thomas would surely know that about Falcone’s evil deeds, but perhaps “The Roman” shielded him from the truth and manipulated the future Mayor. That’s what makes focusing on Thomas Wayne such a captivating narrative. It’s no secret how corrupt politicians can be, the backstabbing, lying, murder! Ok, maybe the last one is a stretch, but the point is that there’s a juicy story to tell that focuses on the parents of Bruce Wayne.

It makes you wonder what other secrets Thomas or even Martha have in their closest. Speaking of Martha, exactly what was her role in any of this? Obviously, the Waynes were well-regarded in Gotham City’s social circles, so was she still the charitable being in the comics? Maybe she’s hip to the corruption and scandal of Gotham City and perhaps contributes to the antics that have plagued the city for so long? A Thomas and Martha Wayne spin-off doesn’t need to focus on the future of Batman. In fact, who says that Bruce even needs to be alive at this point. Let’s get into the cesspool of Gotham before Bruce Wayne was even a thing. Just exactly how did this city become such a crime riddled mess? Sure, the floodgates of what transpired in The Batman started following the death of Thomas and Martha Wayne, but people don’t just wake up one morning and suddenly become law breaking douchebags. Perhaps Thomas and Martha were the beacon of light.

Though Mr. Wayne made such a huge mistake, they were the gatekeepers that kept most of Gotham at bay. Perhaps the criminal organization of this world was hidden because of these two powerful figures. It would be a great showcase on how Gotham became Gotham before Batman was even a thing. Gotham was originally supposed to be that type of show, but it strangely dived into “how many Batman villains can I cram into this world” without really getting into the roots of Gotham’s evil. It all starts somewhere, and though Thomas and Martha aren’t the masterminds of the dark and seedy world, showcasing how it began will add rich layers to plenty of villains and the city itself. How did the GCPD become ridden with some many greedy people? How could the citizens of Gotham just sit back and watch as crime and corruption overtake the city? How did Martha and Thomas get to the point where they’re such important figures in the first place? The Batman really opened pandora’s box to an endless number of possibilities in regards to different characters. It’s time to finally showcase the world of Thomas and Martha Wayne, without Bruce Wayne. Let’s dig into the origins of Gotham City itself, which clearly started with the most prominent figures in the city.Gotham

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