Why are All These Rise of Skywalker “Cool Scenes” Getting Released Now?

If you’re wondering if Star Wars fans will ever be happy with anything they get, don’t hold your breath. The number of movies and amount of input that would be needed and the time it would take to sift through all of it to search for inconsistencies, faults, errors, and things that people just didn’t like would make certain that another Star Wars movie wouldn’t be made in our lifetime, or possibly any other time. Christian Bone of We Got This Covered makes that pretty clear from his take on a touching moment when Lando Calrissian speaks to Poe Dameron after the death of Leia, giving Poe the inspiration he needs to try and raise an army to fight the First Order. While it feels as though Poe is a good leader on the rise, the fact is that Lando is the one, with Chewbacca and in the Millennium Falcon no less, at the head of a massive army that comes to the rescue at Exegol, and it’s because of his legendary status that a lot of the old veterans and younger fighters answered the call. Many of them likely remembered the Empire under Palpatine and didn’t want to see a repeat, while others were happy to fight against the oppression of the First Order.

Another moment, covered by David James of We Got This Covered, comes when Rey is in the middle of the desert facing off against Kylo Ren as he speeds towards her in his personal aircraft, looking as though he means to plow through her as she stands ready with her lightsaber. Some have wondered what the play was since Kylo obviously wanted Rey on his side, meaning that he wouldn’t have hurt her and would have expected Rey to perform such a maneuver. That’s an odd and very extreme way to court someone as any rational person might think, but the fiery explosion after the gut-churning and likely trauma-inducing crash he suffered should have killed just about anyone, but people tend to forget that with the Force involved there’s a serious deus ex machina that’s been set in place for decades now since the Force can be used to do a lot of things, and escaping a fiery explosion with little to no damage is one of them as a Force bubble could have cushioned a great deal of the damage if the writers are willing to admit that something like this happened. All in all though the point is clear, as much as The Last Jedi infuriated Star Wars fans, the Rise of Skywalker somehow didn’t act as the balm that was needed, though the story was a great deal stronger and didn’t abuse the characters in such an obvious manner. Think of it this way, Luke finally had the chance to act as a teacher and mentor, Kylo was no longer the emo Sith, and Rey was finally becoming the Jedi she was meant to be, not just someone that all of a sudden knew how to use the Force and swing a lightsaber. But that wasn’t enough obviously.

Then there’s the complaining about how Rose Tico didn’t get enough screen time, or how Finn’s arc got dumped for the most part. There’s little in the movie that didn’t get dumped on but in truth it was a serious upgrade from The Last Jedi, which still had a few redeeming qualities. The unfortunate problem at this point is that Star Wars fans apparently need to be led by the hand, preferably by the nose at this point, to try and connect the dots without being spoon fed every little detail they need to make it work in their minds. That’s not only lazy on the part of the audience, but it’s asking for a lot more from the movie than should be necessary. So yes, a better explanation of Exegol and of how Palpatine had secretly constructed so many new star destroyers with planet-killing weapons attached to them would have been nice. And a more pitched battle between the former emperor and Rey would have been great. Heck, even a better explanation of where the Snoke clones came from and who Snoke was to begin with would have been nice, but for that a lot of people will likely have to read the book. How many do you think actually will when it comes down to it though? A lot of people these days want everything on the screen where they can see it, not squirreled away in the pages where they have to take their time and read about it.

Like it or not, the cool moments in Rise of Skywalker are still pretty cool no matter how much people continue analyze them, and they’ll remain that way for people that know how to enjoy the movies rather than gripe about them for one reason or another. Richard Lawson of Vanity Fair can add to that line of discussion.

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