Black Widow vs. John Wick: Who Wins?

This one feels like it should be a no-contest, right? Most folks might want to think that Natasha would make a single call and the Avengers would show up and annihilate Wick without any trouble at all. It’s true, Wick would stand no chance against the combined might of the Avengers since Thor could fold him up like a pretzel and the Hulk could punt Wick into the stratosphere. But against Widow, Wick would be able to pull out a victory since, well, he’s John Wick. There’s more to it than that honestly since one has to factor in the weapons that both of them use, the tactics they would employ, and the level of danger that both fighters represent. Natasha is a highly-skilled assassin, so is John, and it’s fair to say that in hand to hand combat it would be a tough fight, especially since despite the size difference, Natasha knows how and where to hit to incapacitate an opponent that’s a great deal heavier and bigger than she is. But again, this is John Wick, and he knows how to fight as well, and wouldn’t hesitate to fight a woman that means him harm. 

It wouldn’t be an easy fight, to tell the truth since, even though John can likely take more punishment, Widow is still quicker and usually comes with more gadgets on her person that can be used to great effect. But while some might state that Widow is prepared for just about anything, it does feel that she might not be ready for someone like John Wick, since it’s already been established that she’s capable of being beaten. The MCU has been able to build her up as a very impressive individual that can beat down more than a few characters that she probably shouldn’t be able to in real life, but when it comes to Wick she still falls short unless she makes a call and asks for backup. 

The situation has nothing to do with the fact that John’s a man and Natasha is a woman since looking at their track records it’s hard to tell which is better, even with Natasha taking on the types of villains that could bring the Continental crashing to the street. John Wick has the type of focus, determination, and sheer willpower that might topple Natasha in a death match. She’s an expert in her field, she knows how to kill, how to main, and how to incapacitate in a variety of ways that might give Wick pause, but the fact is Natasha is still another skilled fighter without her gadgets, and bringing her into a fight with Wick would take just about every single one of her tools and tricks since the plain truth is that she has faced people like Wick before, and she’s been thrashed by them as well. A lot of people are bound to give this to Natasha since she’s fought off multiple opponents in the past and she has the type of moves that might put Wick in traction. Yeah, if he’s standing still and just enjoying the show, maybe. But those that have seen Wick in action know that he’s not about to let himself be struck unless there’s a reason behind it. 

On top of that, Wick is a master grappler and knows how to incapacitate his enemies quickly and in ways that make it impossible for them to move afterward since they’re either dead or in extreme pain. Many people have seen Widow fight, and it should come as no surprise that against lower-level characters she dominates without question. But against someone as skilled as Wick, meaning someone that’s just as skilled as she is, she’s bound to run into a bit of trouble since like it or not, Wick is cold, brutal, and efficient where Natasha tends to be a little flashy, effective, but also a little more susceptible to bodily damage. Her own will and fortitude are impressive, but they don’t appear to be a match for John’s since the number of situations this man has found himself in makes it clear that if for that dogged determination he might have keeled over in the first movie. 

It’s a debate that a lot of people might not want to get into since it would be a close fight, but those that have a good working knowledge of what both Wick and Widow are capable of should know that there are ways that both of them would come out victorious, but on an even playing field, Wick would likely take this one. The fight would no doubt be a long one and would come down to hand to hand, in which case Wick would be wise to find a way around Natasha’s many gadgets, but in the end, it does feel that John would take this W before walking away once again. 

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