Amber Heard’s Training for Aquaman 2 is No Joke

Amber Heard’s Training for Aquaman 2 is No Joke

Amber Heard’s Training for Aquaman 2 is No Joke

The training that Amber Heard is going through for the Aquaman sequel is no joke, but many are wondering if the idea that Warner Bros. has shown a clear case of personal bias when it comes to Amber Heard and Johnny Depp is a punchline that they’re not ready to admit to. Watching Heard train with what might turn out to be a staff or a trident when the movie is finally being filmed is evidence that she’s been working fairly hard to keep her spot, even as it’s been made very clear that WB isn’t about to boot her since it’s ‘good for the movie’. One has to wonder if that sentiment has made its way to the next Fantastic Beasts movie as well, but to be serious, a lot of fans aren’t happy at the moment. On the upside, it’s obvious that Heard is putting in the work for the role no matter how many people want her out and how painfully obvious it’s become that WB is no different from any other company when it comes to picking favorites.

One big hope for the Aquaman sequel, especially since many of the main stars are returning from the first movie, is that the training will pay off and we’ll get to see Mera take on a much more hands-on approach even if her water-manipulating powers were pretty cool in the first movie. Another hope is that people will simply let this go for a while and just enjoy the movie, which will hopefully be just as good as the first one. There’s been too much back and forth and bad blood when it comes to Heard and Depp over the past year or so and nothing has really come of it except a lot of bitter feelings and the continuing realization that Hollywood is going to bend the knee when it thinks that such a thing is profitable, not when the fans want it to happen.

Whether it makes sense to keep Heard in the movie or not will come out once the sequel has been watched and reviewed by countless individuals that somehow determine if people are going to enjoy a movie or not. Some are of the mind that she’s simply too toxic to keep around and others are thinking that she’s still the perfect Mera and shouldn’t be replaced no matter what. The argument between those that are allowing the matter to take up too much of their waking hours is kind of ridiculous since while people can have their opinions and say what they want, a very big truth is that the WB will do what it wants. It’s fair to think that Heard should have been given the same treatment as Depp for her part in their dissolution of their marriage and their civility toward one another, but it’s also fair to think that people need to move on from this and enjoy the movie for what it is and not worry too much about Heard’s part in it. Seriously, fans get a little too high and mighty at times and tend to think that their opinions are the ones that matter the most when in reality all they have to do in order to make their feelings known is not watch the movie.

It’s bound to happen that their absence won’t be noted or even given a second’s worth of attention, but if anyone truly has that kind of a problem with an actor, all they need to do is not watch them. Hearing that ‘it’s not that simple’ is a seriously irritating dodge since it means that the individual doesn’t really care about the issue they’re harping about, they’re just bored and need something to do. In the meantime, Heard has definitely been working her tail off it would appear as she continues to build the character she’s been given and will likely be seeking to expand on Mera even more when the sequel finally does come out at the end of 2022. That feels like a long time to wait, but perhaps people will cool down just a bit in order to finally realize that their opinions mean about as much as a whisper on the wind.

There are plenty of movies out there that feature actors that people don’t like for one reason or another, but the adult thing to do is actually watch the movie and see if it all comes together despite the individual that isn’t favored, or simply don’t watch the movie and call it even. Amber Heard might not be the media darling at this point when it comes to many people, but at the very least she is doing her part to help make the upcoming sequel into something that will hopefully be a lot of fun to watch.

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