Patrick Wilson Shares Intense Training Video for Aquaman 2

Patrick Wilson is hitting the gym in a big way as he’s shaping up for his return in Aquaman and The Lost Kingdom. Obviously Orm is coming back and whether or not there’s going to be reconciliation is hard to say since there aren’t a lot of details at this time. It also sounds as though Black Manta will be making the return, so Yahya Abdul-Mateen II will be back as well, hopefully for a more intense fight scene or two since the first movie was more about Arthur Curry taking on Orm, who put up an impressive display of power but sadly wasn’t quite as skilled as he thought he was. Patrick Wilson still managed to play the Ocean Maste role well enough to think that he’s going to smash it this time around as well. How he’ll be brought back into the movie is kind of tough to guess since apparently one of the main focuses will be the city of Necrus, which is a dark city that is never found in the same place twice and is entirely militaristic, and is ruled by a leader that doesn’t sound too friendly.

Taking a look at Wilson’s workouts it’s obvious that he’s doing what he can to bulk up in order to be able to step into the scene with Jason Momoa again, but it’s easy to think that no matter how bulked up he gets that Momoa will still outshine him just a bit since the former GoT star is one of the most absolutely imposing and intimidating characters on film when he wants to be. Wilson can talk a good game and play a great role, but he’s still a little lacking when it comes time to stand next to Momoa, simply because of the persona that the two men put forward. In terms of being on-screen enemies, it does feel kind of one-sided once Aquaman gets his legs under him since where Orm has years of experience fighting, Arthur Curry has the training and the heart to endure a pitched battle with his half-brother and ends up proving that in the first movie.

It almost feels as though Orm and possibly Black Manta might team together in the second movie, or maybe one or both of them will encounter Necrus and find a way to harness the city’s military power for their own needs. The details of the story would definitely need to be worked out, but until we get that it’s going to be a guessing game that won’t be easily resolved. One thing that is making a lot of fans unhappy is that Amber Heard is being brought back as Mera, no matter that many upon many fans want to see her taken out after the split between herself and actor Johnny Depp. But Warner Bros. apparently wanted to stick with her and make a go of it, and since filming has apparently begun it’s a tad bit late to do anything else. Some might want to say that reshoots can be done if another actress were to be brought in, but the hassle this would cause likely wouldn’t be that acceptable to WB.

So, focusing on Wilson’s intense workout and various other factors within the filming process is probably a much better idea since there’s no need to worry oneself about anything that might be deemed as unfair or controversial. Trying to think of where Orm is going to show up and what he’s going to be doing though is kind of tough since in the last movie he found out that his mother was still alive, which might calm him down a bit. But if there’s still an intense hatred for Arthur, especially with his half-breed status, then the conflict is going to go on and it feels likely that Orm will want to make use of Necrus as much as possible and perhaps even attempt to once again take control of Atlantis. How this will play out with the rest of the ocean rulers is hard to say since Arthur is still a reluctant king apparently and doesn’t want much to do with the throne, but being that he accepted Atlan’s spear in the first movie it’s likely that he won’t have much of a choice.

People are looking forward to the sequel no doubt, but apart from the action and the overall effects of the first movie, it does feel as though the second movie might need to step it up to raise expectations and make a better case for Aquaman’s popularity. Otherwise, it feels as though the hype that might come won’t be quite as well-earned as the first movie, which still had glaring plot holes here and there that didn’t make a lot of sense. But we’ll just have to wait and see what happens.

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