The Best Uses of Steve Miller Songs in Movies

There’s nothing hard here or particularly challenging in Steve Miller’s songs. He knew how to jam and how to create a solid, soothing beat that could be sung along to or just listened to with complete ease. His songs are relaxing and ultimately able to calm the nerves and create a peaceful, laid back atmosphere in which the listener can just chill and enjoy the tune. When placed in films these songs are usually meant to be inspirational or somehow able to fit in with the kind of family-friendly situations that go along with dramas and comedies.

Here are a few good examples of how Steve Miller’s songs can just bring a level of chill to a film.

5. True Fine Love – Blended

It’s just too hard to be a parent, and it’s even harder when you’re the only parent. Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore have been acting together for years now and there’s no doubt that this is why their chemistry on screen is so stunningly excellent. They know how to read one another, how to anticipate each other’s movements and reactions, and how to gauge each other based upon their delivery of each line. This is what makes them so good together, and why this film is a perfect vehicle for a Steve Miller song.

4. Fly Like An Eagle – Need for Speed

The movie didn’t get rave reviews but the song is a classic. It’s been listened to, remixed, and used in so many different ways that it’s hard to count. In this film it was used in a very easy manner that was simple and didn’t cause any friction, it’s just that the film didn’t quite live up to its own hype. Some people no doubt liked it, others were probably expecting a little too much and didn’t get what they wanted.

3. Abracadabra – The Incredible Burt Wonderstone

How perfect could this song be for this movie? A stunning magic act that features a brilliant duo has become the top act in Las Vegas of all places. And then, something happens, feelings get hurt, and the duo becomes a singles act. It takes a while but Burt finally manages to learn how to work as part of a team and manages to come up with a trick that is literal knockout. Spoilers, this is one magic trick that should be limited to only a few engagements a decade.

2. The Joker – Dark Shadows

So did you know Johnny Depp is a singer? It’s true that he is, but not in this film unfortunately. His rendition of The Joker is kind of stiff and unyielding but give him some credit, he does speak the correct words and he does keep the cadence for the most part.

1. Threshold – Baby Driver

There’s a hum in the drum that keeps this young drive on his toes and always plugged in so that he can drown it out. He’s the best getaway driver there is and the only wheelman that most criminals would want on their side when trying to make a getaway. There’s just one problem, he wants out and his handlers don’t want that to happen. Really, would you allow your best asset to just walk away?

Steve Miller is a great sound when you’re just trying to chill and relax. Let the stress flow away and just listen to the easy rhythm.


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