Why Lady Gaga Would Make For A Perfect Emma Frost

Does anyone else enjoy Lady Gaga more as an actress than a singer? She has become a more prominent movie star in recent years, but I remember first seeing her in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For. Yes, her role was small, but she got my attention. Perhaps it’s her ability to change her look and act in different mannerisms. It’s almost like she’s a master of disguise. If you’ve ever seen her perform on stage, you’ll know how much she loves being flamboyant. You can’t even count how many different kinds of outfits and hairstyles she has used over the years, but that’s basically become her trademark. And if you’ve been keeping up with her acting career, you’ll know that Lady Gaga is more than capable of dominating the screen. You can look at her performance in the American Horror Story series, or her Academy Award-winning performance in 2018’s A Star is Born. Did she bring a tear to your eye? Of course she did and if you disagree, then you’re lying. You can love her as a singer, but she has proven herself to be an amazing actress.

That reminds me, have you all checked out the newest trailer for the upcoming biographical drama House of Gucci from Ridley Scott? It’s very good, and you’ll see some familiar faces. Actually, some of those familiar faces might not look too familiar. I mean, Jared Leto is in it and he looks almost completely unrecognizable. Then again, that’s pretty much every Jared Leto movie, right? Well, you’ll recognize other popular actors, including two greats, Al Pacino and Jeremy Irons, and Kylo Ren himself, Adam Driver. Now I’m not too familiar with the story of the Guccis, but I know the basics of the story. Maurizio Gucci, famous businessman and the head of House Gucci, was murdered by his ex-wife, Patrizia Reggiani in 1995. Adam Driver plays Maurizio Gucci and Lady Gaga plays Patrizia Reggiani. This movie comes out next month and is loaded with Oscar winners. On top of that, it’s being directed by Ridley Scott. Can the guy who directed Gladiator do us wrong with this kind of cast? Oh, I don’t think so.

If you’re still skeptical about the casting of Lady Gaga in this movie, you don’t even have to watch her other movies. Honestly, just check out both trailers and pay attention to her. As you can expect in typical Lady Gaga fashion, she looks stunning in her flashy outfits and has a different hairstyle. In this case, a lot of fur coats and a dark wig. You’ll see a lot more in the movie, considering the Guccis specialized in fashion, but you should focus on Lady Gaga’s acting. From the trailer alone, I can already tell she will be nominated for another Oscar. If Lady Gaga can rise to stardom so quickly and so effectively in a short amount of time, I can only imagine what kind of roles she can play in the future. In fact, I do have one particular role in mind and I believe it is one that would suit her perfectly. Here’s a hint: it is indeed a comic book role. I should also point out that two actresses have already portrayed this character, but neither one of them won over the fans. Perhaps Lady Gaga can break that curse, but I’m far more confident in her acting abilities than the other two actresses who have made the attempt.

The character I have in mind for Lady Gaga is the one and only Emma Frost from the X-Men comics. If you’ve seen all the X-Men movies, you’ll know how they handled the character. To put it short, they didn’t do it so well. It began with X-Men Origins: Wolverine, only she wasn’t really Emma Frost. She went under the name, but didn’t really act like the character. She could transform her skin into the diamond form, but we only saw it once. Granted, this was a younger version, but she really didn’t serve a purpose to the story. Oh, and then there was January Jones who played Emma Frost in X-Men: First Class back in 2011. I know she gets a lot of hate for her performance, but I didn’t think she was all that bad. Honestly, she was just underutilized. This is a chance to give the character the proper development, but the first step is to cast the right actress. Again, that actress would have to be Lady Gaga. But why her? Well, she has been considered by many fans in the past, but after watching the second trailer for House of Gucci, I think that clinches it for her. Why, you ask? I think you just have to read a few comics where Emma Frost really shines and you’ll quickly learn about her character. She’s a cunning manipulator, an exotic dresser, and a master seductress. Aside from the diamond transformation, her other primary mutant power is her telepathy. She can read minds and make hypnotic illusions, but she honestly doesn’t need them to make her prey submit to her. This is a character who embraces her darker side and blurs on the line of hero and villain.

Emma Frost is truly an interesting character. She has been a friend and foe to the X-Men over the years and I think she deserves another shot at the big-screen. Lady Gaga is the actress for the job and again, the second trailer says it all. Everything that I have said about Emma Frost is what Lady Gaga showed in her performance in that trailer. Now there are still some adjustments that need to be made. Lady Gaga can certainly tune up the most defining aspects of the Emma Frost character. What I want to see from her performance is that cunning seductress with a lot of confidence. I see that in her performance in the House of Gucci and it can transition to Emma Frost. As Patrizia Reggiani, she seems to be fully aware that she’s not a moral person, but carries herself with the most pretentious manner possible. That’s what we see a lot in Emma Frost from the comics and that’s what Lady Gaga can deliver in the next X-Men movie.

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