10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sara Cox

10 Things You Didn’t Know about Sara Cox

Very rarely does working in the radio industry lead to international success, but Sara Cox has managed to make it happen. Most well known for her work with BBC Radio, Sara has been working with the network for more than 20 years and she has gained a massive following in the process. Throughout her career, Sara’s bright personality has entertained countless people. Although her road hasn’t always been easy, Sara takes pride in the things she’s accomplished and she’s proud to be able to inspire others — particularly women — to know that they can break barriers and accomplish their goals. Keep reading for 10 things you didn’t know about Sara Cox.

1. She Started Her Career In Modeling

Sara has spent most of her career working in an industry where some of her fans have never even seen her face. Ironically, however, she started off doing something where her face was one of the most important elements. After high school, Sara did some modeling though it’s unclear if she ever worked with any major brands.

2. She Was Bullied As A Child

It’s no secret that kids can be very cruel, and this is something Sara had to deal with during her younger years. She was often bullied in school and even though she was very strong for her age, she never once retaliated and fought the bullies back. She told The Guardian that if she could go back in time she would tell her younger self to stand up for herself.

3. She’s An Author

Lots of times people are encouraged to stick to doing just one thing, especially when it comes to their careers. However, Sara has never been the type to let anybody box her in. In 2019, she released her first book, a memoir titled Till the Cows Come Home: A Lancashire Childhood. 

4. She’s Done Some Acting

Many people who work in radio do so because they prefer being behind the scenes, but Sara doesn’t seem to mind being the center of attention. She has made many TV appearances over the years and she’s even had a handful of acting roles. She hasn’t done any acting since 2002.

5. She’s  Mother

Even in 2021, there are many people who believe that women must choose between having a successful career or a successful personal life. Sara is proof that you can have both. She has been married to Ben Cyzer since 2013. Sara has three children. Although we know that her first husband, Jon Carter, is the father of her oldest, we weren’t able to find any information on who she had the other two with.

6. She Loves Giving Back To Others

Sara has made it a point to use her platform to raise awareness to the causes that are important to her. She has collaborated with several charity organizations over the years and she is very passionate about causes relating to animals and homelessness among young people in the London area.

7. The Spotlight Hasn’t Always Been Kind To Her

Living in the spotlight may seem like a glamorous good time to those of us who are on the outside. In reality, however, things are never as glamorous as they seem and there’s a serious downside to being recognizable by so many people. In 2001, a British magazine published photos of Sara sunbathing in the nude while on her honeymoon. She and her then-husband took legal action against the publication and were awarded a settlement. In 2017, Sara was stalked by a convicted sex offender. He was ultimately sentenced to 16 months in prison.

8. She Doesn’t Like Medical TV Shows

Hospital dramas have become very popular, but they’re certainly not for everyone. When The Guardian asked if there are any shows that Sara prefers not to watch she said, “Anything medical, whether real life or drama. I just don’t want to be confronted with my own mortality, and blood, and gore, and people’s distress, and operations – no, thank you. People love them – I mean, how long have Casualty and Holby [City] been going on? – but not me, at all.”

9. She Loves Riding Horses

Sara has lots of love and respect for nature and she enjoys spending time outside whenever she gets the chance. Going horseback riding is one of her favorite things to do and she’s become very skilled over the years. She often shares photos and videos of herself riding on social media.

10. She’s An Avid Reader

Sara has spent much of her life bringing stories to life on screen, but just like everyone else, she likes to get lost in a good story, too. Reading is one of her favorite hobbies and she enjoys a wide variety of books. She also hosts a book discussing called Between The Covers on BBC 2.

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