Five Things You Didn’t Know About Pascal Laugier

Through the many years of the entertainment industry, we have seen a bountiful amount of amazing and genuinely clever directors come to the forefront, bringing us awe-inspiring films left and right. One of these directors that is beginning to make a name for himself in the industry is that of Pascal Laugier. The director is currently working on a projects, one which is about to be released sometime in 2018 entitled “Incident in a Ghost Land”. As we are hearing more of his name, many are wondering who exactly this director is and what we can expect from him in the years to come, and that’ why we are here. We are counting down five things that you may not know about Pascal Laugier and the life he leads in the entertainment industry; So, let’s get started.

Part Of The New French Extremity Movement

This is a movement that works to create films that are based on transgressive art forms; That is, they tend to have a shock value to them. The films that are associated with this movement tend to reveal their transgressive basis in the form of the body, bringing shock value to anatomy on a whole new level.

Used To Be An Assistant

In his earlier years, Laugier was actually working as the assistant to director Christophe Gans. During that time that he was assisting, he actually helped to direct a documentary that highlighted the making of the film “Brotherhood of the Wolf”, which was released in 2001 and was directed by Gans as well. Laugier also starred in the film that the documentary discusses.

All Of His Films Are Thrillers

It seems as though Laugier tends to specialize and focus on thriller based films. All four of the films that he has directed thus far in his career have had a horror-thriller base along with some fantasy as well. These films include “Saint Ange”, which was released in 2004, “Martyrs”, which was released in 2008, “The Tall Man”, which was released in 2012, and “Incident in a Ghost Land”, which is set to release in 2018 as we mentioned before.

Failed Attempt

It was revealed that Laugier was also supposed to be directing a remake version of the movie “Hellraiser”; However, he was terminated from the project after he had some creative differences with the producers of the film. Apparently, Laugier was set on having the film take a more “X rated” approach, involving things such as gay S&M. The producers, on the other hand, wanted a film that was more friendly and more approachable for teenage viewers.

Future Project(s)

Although his career has been on the slimmer side thus far, it does seem as though Pascal Laugier is planning to work on at least one future project in the years to come. It would be, yet again, another supernatural style thriller film, and is set to be called “Details”. No other information on the project has yet to be released.

As we mentioned before, it seems as though Pascal Laugier is working to gain his momentum in the entertainment industry, gaining the ranks among the thriller based directors and fans all across the globe. We can only hope that he continues to create films that peak the interests of audiences everywhere, and that his films only get greater as the years go on.

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