Setting Ghostface in New York Creates a Different Impact


credit: Scream

Setting Ghostface in New York creates a different impact that should affect the story. In a town like Woodsboro, where so many people know each other, it’s easy to think of how a killer could disrupt things. But in New York City, the general feeling is that people simply don’t care. 

This is a horrifying realization, even though many folks would echo it. New Yorkers and those with experience with the city would likely state that such a thing is terrifying. Murders in a town setting tend to attract a lot of attention. But in a  city the size of New York, it does feel that the murders require far more to gain the people’s attention. 

As such, this is the perfect setting for a killer like Ghostface since killing one person after another and slipping away doesn’t appear as a serious challenge. In that regard, the violence has to escalate, as does the body count. The attention that the Ghostface killers have always sought isn’t bound to come easily in such a big city

Of course, attention isn’t hard to get with a killer that takes on the Ghostface persona. 

Setting Ghostface in New York Creates a Different Impact

credit: Scream

The likelihood is that the next Ghostface will display more violence

One has to ask how this franchise can get any more violent. But it’s been displayed that things can always get worse, and the kills can always benefit from added brutality. It’s not just about sticking a knife into anyone at this point. The Scream franchise is about spectacle. 

Making the kills, more public might work, as the trailer takes place in a crowded subway car. Not only this but striking when many others are in costume is another skillful way to hide the killer. One thing that the Ghostface killers are usually cognizant of is how to hide in plain sight. 

It doesn’t appear that the movie will worry too much about the pandemic. There aren’t many, if any, masks in sight, which might matter anyway. But depending on how the movie is set up, donning a Halloween costume will only work for so long. Not only that, but the real Ghostface could hide among those dressed similarly. 

There are a lot of places and ways to hide in New York City

The Big Apple is not a small place, and it stands to reason that if the protagonists are not going to leave, Ghostface can likely find a lot of hiding spots. Dark corners, alleyways, shop fronts, etc. There are too many areas to cover, and even the NYPD doesn’t feel up to finding someone who will likely have done their research. Also, there’s no telling if there’s more than one killer. This is a norm within the franchise as well. 

In a sense, NYC could act as a macabre sort of playground for Ghostface since a plan, a knife, and an outfit are all needed. 

Setting Ghostface in New York Creates a Different Impact

credit: Scream

It’s easy to wonder how many suspects will pop up

Every Scream movie has a few suspects, at the very least. They usually have solid alibis until one looks at the empty spaces of time that they can’t recall. The often-used fake-outs still tend to fool a few people now and then. But this time, it’s fair to think that the filmmaker must rely on something else. 

Like it or not, plenty of fans have locked onto this style of storytelling and can look past the smoke and mirrors used. Because of this, it almost feels like the suspect pool will end up thinning out or exploding exponentially. The latter is horrifying, but the former could look highly suspicious. 

It goes back to the idea that the big city is bound to complicate things in a few ways. Taking things out of Woodsboro is a great idea, but it’s also difficult. One can only hope that the filmmaker created a story that will stand out in a way that fans will appreciate. 

One of the biggest questions is who’s behind the mask now

That’s always the question, in all fairness. Sometimes it’s a vendetta against another person, and at other times it’s simply due to the killer wanting fame and renown. For Billy Loomis, it was revenge; for Stu, it was fun. Mickey wanted to go to trial and put violent movies on blast, and Billy’s mother wanted Sidney dead. Even Roman had a good reason, as he wanted to take everything from his half-sister Sidney. 

That leaves a big question at this time, though, and it’s one that a lot of people will wonder about until the movie releases. Who has an axe to grind this time? 

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